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Steeped in art and antique object inspirations, Absynthe Design was born out of passion for rare artistry-combined with an undying love for watches and beautiful handcrafted machines from the 18th and 19th century. Paying homage to the bygone era of old mechanical watches and other blended precision engineering, Absynthe Design represents an art form with an attempt at blurring the lines between design and industrial science.

Started by Abhishek Basak, a fashion graduate from NIFT, Hyderabad, Absynthe started as a hobby to push his creative limits, to explore, and to experiment. Reflecting handcrafted genius in the intricate cuts on recycled metal, each piece by Absynthe Design celebrates the unique story inherent in the atypical watch parts while maintaining a minimum wastage, eco-responsible production.

Dipping into pieces from the past- vintage watch casings, old clock gears, ornate pieces, and rusty typewriters; beautiful jewellery, USB drives, fashion accessories, and other intricate objects are created, thus mating varied designs and materials and incubating myriad ideas and forms. Each piece has an inimitable story to tell.

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