Airdiem literally meaning ‘air’ plus ‘diem’ (day in Latin), translates to ‘seize the moment in one breath’. The Parisian design company is committed to the Art of Living and specialises in crafting artistic innovations that enhance one of life’s greatest yet simplest pleasures – the gift of air, the art of breathing, a whiff of lightness. Since its inception in 2006, Airdiem has been transforming the narghile pipe (sheesha) into contemporary works of art, and has won a dedicated and growing followership of luxury narghile collectors around the world.  
Founded by Eric Gourmand and his wife Emmanuelle to reinvent the sanctuary of the smoking room, Airdiem commissions renowned designers and artists to craft luxurious hookahs that are both functional and aesthetic. The collaborative venture works with figures from the international design world, who create limited edition ranges of experimental, innovative and ergonomic breathing solutions in a variety of materials, forms and finishes. Zen to quirky to Bohemian to graphic – a wide range of aesthetics appeals to a larger design audience. For narghile connoisseurs, these pieces lend a modern touch to the time-tested traditional practice of vapologie.
Artists who have lent their talent to Airdem include Régis Dho, Nedda El-Asmar, Jean-Marc Gady, Hicham Lahlou and Vanessa Mitrani. All products are crafted in the tradition of French manufacturing – exceptional products with improved functionality, hygienic features and superb aesthetic value. 

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