Jerry Fels and Kurt Freiler shared passion for creative development and modern design led to the inception of Artisan House in 1964. Freiler, a German immigrant and manufacturing ace with a knack for reinventing the use of tools, and Fels, a New York-based artist, collaborated and formed a brand which became known for its collection of eclectic, decorative wall decor.
Artisan House sculptures infuse today's indoor and outdoor environments with dazzle and dimension, owing to a comprehensive array of designs exhibiting multi-colored, cool and warm tones; nature-inspired pieces with earthly inspirations; and sculptures reminiscent of activities that relax, excite or inspire. For more than four decades, C. Jeré by Artisan House's vibrant, versatile designs have been recognized as multi-dimensional "metalworks of art."
More than 70 years later, C. Jeré by Artisan House has attained an enviable position in the home and commercial decor market. The firm has successfully closed the gap between high priced offerings from exclusive art galleries and mass-produced decorative pieces by creating original sculptures with unparalleled designs at affordable prices.
The company is largely popular amongst vintage art dealers and collectors and has caught the attention of leading designers, like Michael Payne and Jonathan Adler, and offers its clients an ever-evolving roster of a wide range of art pieces by discerning artists.

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