Objects that are crafted by hand embody a unique identity, and convey a special sense of purpose. Inspired by creating beautiful things, Coppre was born to make distinctive, the ordinary. Moved by good design, and being elevated by the same, Coppre strives to reinvigorate old artisanal practices, and to create things that are owned, treasured, loved and passed on with joy and purpose.
Design, craft, propagate: with this adage in mind, the studio has reconstituted and revived the small metalworking artisan settlement of 'Tambat Ali'. Known to have migrated and then employed under the royal patronage of the Peshwas in Pune in the 17th century, these artisans have beat on copper and made artillery, royal seals, utensils, and more, over the years.
Mentor and advisor to the brand, Adhar Mirchandani is driven by his vision to create enhanced livelihoods for skilled craftspeople in India. Each of the handcrafted wares reflects the dexterity of the metalworking artists and the focus on quality and finesse given to the finishing processes of the products. Passed on through apprenticeship from one generation to the next, this craft remains in the hands of a select few today.