Sparkles and stories, techniques and intricacies, at Eina you shall have an ample glimpse of the world of richness, quirkiness and feminism in its strongest avatar. Trained under the guidance of the Pioneer of Conceptual Jewellery Designing, Ruudt Peters, in Holland, Eina went on to study at the Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy. Later on, David Lamb, MD, Jewellery at World Gold Council tagged her as one of the ??ost promising talents??to watch out for. ?Her brand has been a part of many prestigious runway shows and has adorned national and international magazines, alike. Eina has been a part of numerous showcases and exhibitions and her products have been adorned by uncountable national and international celebs.

At Eina, every single product is the outcome of a certain mood connected to a certain technique. The skilled craftsmen behind these masterpieces do full justice to the way we want to project our products and the story that each one essays. Our products are inspired by real women and real life and wait to adorn your lovely curves and edges. Mellow or loud, despair or humour; let the world know your story. Your story that may be purgative, but so is the toil behind the handcrafted pieces we help create. So celebrate your womanhood and show the world how fiercely independent you are in your choices!

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