Essajees has a rich history starting out in 1890 with its founder Abdul Qadir Essajee. He was one of India’s foremost antique dealers and responsible for bringing the world’s most prized tapestries to India. Essajees was a space for Maharajas to privately browse the finest items from all over the world, collected with utmost care. From 1944 onward, his son Saifuddin Sham continued the family business and specialized in Mughal miniatures and Indian bronzes. His son Mohamedi Sham, who inherited his father’s keen eye, took the reins in 1975. Essajees has worked out of its flagship Colaba store since 1983, now catering to modern-day aristocracy.

Currently in its fourth generation of operation and over 100 years later, Essajees has expanded into a variety of fields, working with the globe’s top designers and in the most prestigious projects. Some of these include the renovation of the Taj after 26/11 (especially the refurbishment of the Tata Suite for US President Obama’s visit), GVK House in Hyderabad and Antilia in Mumbai amongst many others.

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