Home to a timeless collection of erstwhile textiles, Ganesh Emporium was established in 1970 by Rajmal K Shah. Preserving the traditions and honing the undying handicrafts by a fusion of the old and the new, Ganesh Emporium represents a brand that has one of the biggest assemblage of treasured handicrafts and beautiful textiles from across the globe. 

Featured in renowned journals like Travel n Leisure, The Times Magazine, and Le Routard, with personal excerpts by noted personalities like Tory Burch, the emporium delineates a brand housing a colossal collection of hand embroidered pichvais and bags, handwoven rugs, ethereal tapestries, and beautifully sculpted wooden artifacts. Every piece is indigenously sourced, and is rare and one of a kind. A requisite for anyone seeking tradition fused with undying art.

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