Graduated with Masters in Visual Arts - from the University of Arts, London, Manasa Prithvi found her entrepreneurial calling in - contemporary Indian minimalist designing. She collaborates only with master craftsmen of various traditional craft techniques in India, to give life to exclusive decor pieces. Deeply inspired by the Indian artistic heritage from childhood, noticing the need for a paradigm shift in the Indian craft routine and wanting to contribute a sense of stability to the craft itself by making sure the families of artisans can continue to profit from their craft, lead to the birth of 'Ira Studio' in 2012. Concentrating heavily on use of natural materials, like wood and metal are sourced locally from specific regions of high quality, fostering their local industries.

Striving for functionality in the design at the same time retaining the essence of the antiquated craft technique in her products, Manasa travels down a long road of culture, history, research, documentation and design repertoire. Equipping her with the technical strengths to parturition novel contemporary concepts - by combining traditional crafts with modern designing rules. Ira, celebrates and emphasizes on an artisans role in the manufacturing process, not only as the craftsmen, encouraging them to give creative inputs to better the design and final product. Having all the products handmade adds a charm and soul to them, as each piece carries the sublime marks of the maker, making no two pieces the same, thus making the Ira collections as - single or limited edition pieces.

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