As in nature, as in art, so in grace; it is rough treatment that gives souls, as well as stones, their lustre.” -Thomas Guthrie
Paying homage to age old traditions by an incessant process of amalgamating nature with dexterous hand craft is a rationale that makes JewelCraftz a luxury brand widely recognised all over the world today. A specialized business group combining construction stone industry with the dazzling world of semi precious stones and shells, JewelCraftz is based in Sonipat, Haryana, and deftly processes each and every piece of jewel in the traditional way with utmost care and finesse.
High quality gemstones are procured from various countries; lapis from Afghanistan, malachite from Central Africa, tiger eye from South Africa and various jaspers from Australia, to name a few, are sourced. By merging their extensive collection of gems with the latest technology and old world standards of quality and service, JewelCraftz employs a process called pietre dure which is an old craft of stone inlay, of which the murals of the great Indian Taj Mahal are a perfect example. 
Housing a huge collection of handcrafted semi precious stones and surfaces which are widely used the world over for luxurious living as home accents; JewelCraftz creates an ideal balance of the rare and the exquisite. The embodiment of ancient art and design lives strong in the products and brings home objects those delight-platters, boxes, and book ends are given an artistic makeover by the company’s inherent processes and finishes.
Gems and the mystique surrounding them have been carefully witnessed by JewelCraftz in an inspiring span of 17 years. They have also exhibited some of their most innovative collections in leading design fairs like Coverings, America; Index, Dubai; Marmomac, Italy. Working expansively and catering to the niche market of high end semi precious stone products and to a distinguished clientele worldwide, JewelCraftz endeavours to become the highest quality artisanal makers of gemstone products in the world.

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