Brand Philosophy


Live and rest in comfort with luxury, La Kairos- A home lifestyle brand that prevails on the philosophy that home furnishings can transform not just into art and design, but also provide a soothing serenity for the super luxurious souls in us. “Kairos” in Greek, literally translates into infinite transcendence, reverence, joy, passion, and love. Kairos is to be "Happy at home".

Luxe lifestyle furnishings which value quality, modern design and personalization, La Kairos offers dreamy textiles and romantic patterns wrapped within the lap of opulence, accentuated through the use of bold colours, interesting fabrics, and unusual assemblages. At La Kairos, the designer believes that the home is a place where we spend a lot of our time, and therefore it is a space which should radiate your personality.


Designer Profile


Shreya Jain, founder of La Kairos, and a graduate from Central Saint Martin’s, London, has brought her luxe yet liveable aesthetic to interiors across the globe. Her fascination for textiles has been a lifelong affair, inspired and influenced by her travels. She pairs modern design with beautiful, indigenous textile traditions, to offer a truly fresh take on bedding and home accesories . The products are versatile yet have thoughtful details like delicate embroidery, dynamic natural motif and hand ornamentation . She currently resides in New Delhi, the head quarters for La Kairos.




The eye for detail and design stems from the passion which Shreya saw her mother exude towards textiles. The design house is rooted in Shreya’s travels and the designer has ensured that the collections satisfy both her personal creativity and her desire to put the world to sleep in comfort and luxury. Almost completely handcrafted, every collection uses the finest materials, including Habutai silk, Taffeta silk, Egyptian cotton, Chinese Dupion silk, and Velvet. One of the brands main goals is to revive the tradition of Indian hand embroidery and bring it to the global customer.