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Dream of rich textures, bold colours, a new definition to layers and the brand Leah Singh is born. Featuring an impressively varied collection of handcrafted textiles, the products are sure to bring with them the joy of spring in your home. It?? a brand that mixes the traditional Indian craft techniques with bold hues and eccentric combinations with modern, geometric forms. Bringing together the richness of the East and the minimalism of the West, the house of Leah Singh creates breathtaking pieces that sweep you off your feet every time. Plus the limited edition launches ensure uniqueness and exclusivity to your abode! Contemporary and traditional couldn?? have jingled any better than in Leah Singh?? vision.

Our Design Philosophy??/em>

Collecting inspiration for new collections is the philosophy followed at the house of Leah Singh. Influenced by her upbringing, which was both East and West dominant, Leah Singh infuses, in her design, the best of both the worlds. Bold looks with latest colours and subtle looks with minimalism, two distinct characters of design seamlessly blend in her product line! Her eclectic upbringing is reflected in each piece she designs, stimulating your visual senses. Thus masterpieces are born through her talent, which ultimately project natural warmth and chicness. Add these to your home for a sense of unique character and distinctive textures, maintained through our limited edition range.

Integrity and Ethics??/em>

Designer and founder Leah Singh works directly with artisans in villages across India constantly trying to revive various traditional techniques. She prefers using embroidery, weaving and printing of various styles that are the essence of a particular region. Her philosophy is to rejuvenate and breathe life into these age-old, traditional handicrafts by transforming them into modern marvels of art. This results into a new support system for the small-scale industry ensuring both ethical and artistic satisfaction in general.

Thus it?? all about creating substance with some substance.