Painting with an instinctive passion since childhood, artist Madhavi Kelwa has made her love for art a thriving career. Raised amidst the sprawling Aravali Hills and the dauntless nature of Udaipur, Kelwa draws inspiration from her surroundings as well as her love for design and exotic travel. After completing a diploma in Fine Arts from JJ School of Arts, Mumbai, the artist returned to her home town to pursue the art of painting ensconced by nature in all its bounty.
In her figurative paintings, Kelwa captures the interplay of wildlife and expression with vivid colour, painterly brushwork, and medium play. She uses different media to arrest the expression on the animal’s face, particularly the eyes. Her charcoal gestural works add a little bit of magic wherever they are displayed. The enchanted creatures and expressive faces bring an artistic flair to wall art. In addition to bringing alive the innate ferocity of wild animals, she also works on commissioned projects and illustrations. 


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