Moser is historically associated with the name of Ludwig Moser, one of the most outstanding personalities of glass manufacturing in the world. Founded in 1857, Moser is a luxury glass manufacturer, boasting a long tradition of superior artistic and technical standards in lead-free crystal.

The biggest producer of luxurious drinking and decorative stemware in Czechoslovakia, Moser’s success rests in the production of ecologically friendly, lead free crystal, in a unique colour spectrum and in excellent hand manufacturing, especially designed by the most celebrated glass artists. The first specialized store was opened in Prague in 1925. Since then, the inland sales have spread to more brand stores and by exclusive representatives worldwide.

The quality of the crystal and perfection of Moser's hand cutting, engraving, gilding and brilliant colours are unsurpassed by any contemporary glass or crystal company in the world. Due to its remarkable artistic expression, superior quality and innovation, Moser has been one of the most collected of 20th Century Decorative glass objects with an esteemed clientele such as Edward VII and the Austrian Imperial Court and Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid; Moser's esteemed reputation that has held fast and continues to grow now in the 21st century.



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