A reflection whimsy, Olie was born out of sheer love for life and its joys.  From the lyrical town of Pondicherry, with its cobbled streets and charming French quarters, where time stands still and inspiration glows quietly in every corner, Olie was incepted by Amrita Nambiar, a lifestyle and travel blogger, an illustrator and graphic designer . The brand transpires to create a gratifying collection of handcrafted home linen and accessories, effortlessly capturing the simple lifestyle and the magic of the mundane, ideal for a day dreamer’s den.

Beautiful hand twisted natural fibres, such as that of bamboo and banana, complement motifs on soft, pure cotton creating a range of exquisite pieces for the home. Presenting the passionate artistry of gifted village artisans, Olie supports local craftsmen and their families.

With motif inspirations from nature in all its bounty, Olie cushions and bed linen pieces stir the soul and plant the seeds of calm in any space they occupy. Acclaimed worldwide for their handcrafted genius and pure cotton fabrics, Olie products are now also being exported to various countries.