Seletti, a story of vision and evolution, endeavours to form a new synthesis between its products and daily life, an ongoing journey within the idea of design. Founded in 1964 in Cicognara, Mantova, by two unabashed creators, Romano and Maria Seletti, along with Luigi Goglio, it lead the way for the import of home products- objects in bamboo, lighting, tableware, and objets d’art. A pioneer to tap into the East and to develop commercial and artistic relationships there, the company has blossomed into one of the leading home brands in the world.

The next generation of the Seletti family-Stefano and Miria, brought new creative energy to the brand. Seletti became one of the first companies to optimize its products, a few products were repackaged, giving new importance to the creativity of the packaging and to all its services that has made the company a strategic supplier of large distribution systems.

Their products evolve by using metal, glass, and fine porcelain on an industrial scale. The borosilicate tableware collection pieces have become classic Seletti products and have repositioned single use items into fine object pieces. With enthusiasm, passion, creativity and experimentation, the Seletti family, over time, has created a brand recognized all over the world, and a series of collections that have become design classics. Today, Seletti is made up of an inspired group of individuals working with young Italian and international artists committed to providing beautiful things for the home along with passionate artisanship, and bursting with European design.

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