A hands-on restoration studio, Calcutta Restoration Co. invites a discerning audience to acquire historically-correct pieces and fortuitous finds from the past. Their furniture pieces are lovingly hand-finished and restored to their forgotten glory by craftspeople who believe that restoration must ensnare the period vibes of a piece. However, juxtaposing its historical value with modern usability. The brand respects originality and embraces the aging and imperfections that reflect the journey of an object, maintaining a bona fide patina. 

It is this delicate balance between preservation and innovation that makes their pieces sui generis. And for those who quest for character in design, there is nothing better than a magical, overlooked piece, repurposed for pride of place in a tasteful home. A treasure trove of craft and curios, the Calcutta Restoration Co. untangles a whole new take on vintage rehab and lets you dwell in intrigue.

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