Some may say that making resolutions every New Year is useless; you start with ample gusto but dwindle even before the first month ends, so what’s the point? Hope, we say, is the point. If you plan ten improvements, there is a high chance that two of them will work out, and that’s always better than nothing at all. Start the year on an optimistic note. We wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful 2016.

Thou shalt read more

Remember the days when you used to be an avid bookworm? When the smell of new and old paperbacks used to accompany you everywhere and a good novel was your nightly companion? If your reading is now limited to the links that your friends share on social media (there’s some quality stuff there too), then rediscover the old-school luxury of turning pages. The easiest way to get back to the habit is through visual books – our coffee table selection from CMYK has a wide variety of titles that will appeal to anyone.

This Is Bacon from CMYK Book Store: Rs 1100/-

The Photobook: A History Volume 1 from CMYK Book Store: Rs 5300/-

Luxury Minimal from CMYK Book Store: Rs 4500/-


Thou shalt instill good taste in thy children

Always start them off young. The surroundings that your kids grow up in will influence their sensibilities for life. Their rooms are their first havens, so add some tasteful touches to the interiors. The upholstery and bedding ideas from Little West Street are perfect for newborns and toddlers; the beautiful fabrics will soothe their precious skin. For slightly older children and pre-teens, you can select from the cool cushions by Sarita Handa. Don’t stereotype; pink for girls and helicopters for boys are so passé.

All Over Kantha Bed Set from Little West Street: Rs 21,000/-

Jungle Safari Quilt from Little West Street: Rs 6000/-

Helicopters from Sarita Handa: Rs 2450/-

Scribble Lines from Sarita Handa: Rs 1600/-


Thou shalt have more family time

Work is important; so is social life, and both can get tiring. At the end of a hectic day, sometimes even conversation seems like too much effort. While meals in front of the telly or grabbing a bite while working late will continue to be a part of life, make the effort of hosting an elaborate family dinner once in a while. Invite parents, in-laws and your favourite relatives – they will love it and so will you. After dinner, sit down with some board games. Ban the television and mobile phones for a couple of hours. Discover magic.

Devnagiri Dinner Plates from Nishita: Rs 14,500/-

Black Orchid Napkin Ring Set from Michael Aram: Rs 8500/-

Leisure Ludo from Taamaa: Rs 12,2000/-


Thou shalt be punctual

Tardiness will never take you far. Your respect for other people’s time will. Not just work appointments, make punctuality a habit with friends, family and social acquaintances too. Occasional delays are acceptable; traffic is in the hands of God. But don’t be a regular Late Latifah. With a couple of good old-fashioned wall and desk clocks in the key areas at home, timekeeping will become easier. Enjoy telling someone else “you’re late” for a change.

Loop Table Clock from Tothora: Rs 45,800/-

Moon X Clock – Raven from Haoshi: Rs 11,000/-

Tone Collection (White) from Leff Amsterdam: Rs 9500/-


Thou shalt use thy green thumb

A little bit of flora and foliage at home can create a cosy and cheery environment. The colour green has soothing properties, so pot a few indoor plants or deck up the balconies. Grow some herbs, cherry tomatoes, chillies or small vegetables on your porch or kitchen windowsill; there is so much satisfaction in cooking with your own produce. Pretty up your space or your office with some flowers once in a while. Just looking at them will make you happy, plus the divine aromas. Who needs aerosol room fresheners?

Fiore White from The Edit: Rs 4500/-

Dear O’Deer Stoneware in Gold from Re-Culture: Rs 5000/-

Ceramic Vases (Set of 3) from The Edit: Rs 6500/-

Hand Carved White Metal Sheesha Vase from Essajees: Rs 14,799/-


Thou shalt take pride in thy appearance

The New Year is all about making promises to eat healthy and get into shape. While we support you fully in your resolve to join the gym, we need to remind you that there is no ideal body type – your frame has its own unique ‘best’. Love yourself, look at the mirror and smile once every day. Highlight your accents and accept your flaws. Don’t let yourself go just because you’ve crossed a ‘certain age’. A good piece of glass with a beautiful frame will help. A little bit of vanity is good for the soul. Just remember not to cross over into narcissism zone.

Oka Desk Mirror Box from Anantaya: Rs 9400/-

Modern Black & White Venetian Mirror from Essajees: Rs 60,600/-

Gilded Mirror from Mayur Arts: Price on request


Thou shalt relax

The rat race and work stress are part of life; we cannot avoid them. But we can take out some ‘me time’ for a few hours a week and do absolutely nothing for short durations. Lighting a candle during an evening bath instantly soothes those nerves. Sleeping on luxurious bedding or curling up with a soft quilt puts your mind to rest. An aroma diffuser with your favourite essential oil can be a therapeutic addition to your home or workspace.

Wisteria Quilted Bedding Set from Sarita Handa: Rs 14,850/-

Organdy Quilt from Shift Home: Rs 17,400/-

Svarupa Candle from The Edit: Rs 1500/-

Skog Aroma Diffuser from Toast: Rs 11,800/-


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