Break the monotony. Run away. Decorate. Revaluate. Bring in the makeover. 
Summers mean different things to different people. It’s about those breezy evenings, the ice popsicles and late night swim sessions. So while everything around you changes, be it your wardrobe or your diet, how can you let your home sweet home feel completely shelved? Whether you’re moving to a new neighbourhood, crossing borders or staying another year in your chosen nest, these essentials will help you revamp your décor. And while this seemingly mammoth task will entail chipped nails and chilled cocktails, we assure you it’ll be every bit swoon-worthy. 
1. Table-top essentials- Happy homes are brought alive by good, hearty meals. And a good, hearty meal can only be accomplished through the right tableware. Here’s what we’ve picked to help you metamorphose a layout that will double your appetite while making you want to just sit and gaze at its ethereal perfection. 
    Michael Aram Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Set Gold           Jewelcraftz Smoky Quartz Platter
Nishita The Mughal Garden                       Inv Home Martini Bar (Set-of-6) 
Anantaya Cloche Serveware Large 
2. Furniture fetish- If you change your favourite sofa’s upholstery every season, are all heart for your grand mum’s golden recliner and scour through flea markets looking for some vintage inspiration, we’re happy to help you.
Oriental Living Classic Antique Cabinet C. 1800         Vilaasita Oliver Cub Sofa
          Classic Furnishers Easy Chair               Taherally's Glass Accent Table 
Studio Wood Impressionist
3. Wall deco- Bare walls breed bare minds, an adage we created and solemnly swear by. Fill those empty, endless, echoing walls with inspiration, creativity, razzmatazz or just your own doodles. Paintings, mirrors, art works, wall murals, here is infinite inspiration. 
Bougainvillaea Lotus Pond Serigraph                 Artisan House Bridge
                            Vandeepp Kalra Ballerina             Essajees Modern Black & White Venetian Mirror
Haoshi Moon X Clock- Owl
4. Gleam and Glow- Lighting is imperative to the vibe of your space. Whether you prefer low, laidback lighting in a backdrop wherein you charm your guests over cocktails, a game of poker and some 70’s music playing on a vintage vinyl record player, or you are the type who’d never let the sun set, take a look at what we’ve handpicked for you.
          Paul Matter Tango 3                                   CellarDoor Glass Lamp Blue
                     Rayden Design Amaltas                    Alex Davis Studio Charpoy Floor Lamp
Taherally's French Ceiling Lamp
5. Home accents- “Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.” said Liz Vassey. Taking it in the context of your décor, it’s always advised to not overlook the little objects which can have a colossal impact on your set-up. 
         Sarita Handa Fleur Cushion                        The Edit Svarupa Candle Black
                Taamaa Flamingo Sculpture                  CMYK Book Store This is Van Gogh
Rayden Design Oil Lamp Tall 

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