So many ideas, so little space. But sometimes, pretty things come in small packages. Give your bathroom a picturesque makeover; take inspiration from our handpicked assortment of beautiful ideas, keeping in mind your miniature cubicle. Create your quaint private sanctuary with a bit of guidance from our helpful collages. We will let the pictures do all the talking.



Wallpaper, roll-down screens, upholstery – one side of the space, when covered with a vibrant pattern, looks decadent. Floral motifs, paisleys or chintz designs are fail-safe classics. Select a good quality material that will withstand moisture.


L to R: Alan Shortall, Jean Allsop, Peter Murdock, James Merell.



Vertical, horizontal or diagonal, bold stripes add a graphic character to your bathroom. Based on your personality and sensibility, choose from tonal, contrast and multicoloured options. Just one striped wall is sufficient; more than that will cram the space.


L to R: Jean Louis Deniot, Lynn Morgan, Simon Watson, Corian + Missoni.



Coloured or patterned tiles liven up a wall, the floor or a panel. Cerulean and iznik pottery tones bring the Mediterranean to your personal space. Abstract shaped tiles add a textural quirk. A classic checkered floor is always a hit.


L to R:; Luca Trovato, Kerry McCaffetty, Taliah Lowry.



Why be square, when there are so many other shapes that look beautiful in glass? A unique mirror with a detailed frame can be the piece de resistance. An ornate piece will nicely contrast a minimal bathroom.


L to R: Eric Piasecki , Mikkel Vang, Ngoc Minh Ngo, Jonny Valiant.



If you can have some minor construction work done, then try a different shape – not the boring rectangle. If structural alterations are not possible, then you can always play with the panes. Coloured glass, etching, a stylised frame – get creative. But don’t lose the light, else your small bathroom will look even smaller.


L to R:,, Devon & Devon, Residence Magazine.



The short-cut solution to all aesthetic problems – flowers can transform an ordinary bathroom. Since a giant vase with an elaborate arrangement will not fit, choose streamlined but effective placements. Wall mounting can save you a lot of counter space, so think innovatively.


L to R: Frida Vega Salomonsson, Tiffani Jones,, Elkebana.



An ornate pendant hanging from the ceiling has an old-world elegance. Swankier versions of lava lamps add a playful vibe. A single spotlight, when angled effectively, creates a dramatic mood. Good lighting makes everything look nice.


L to R: Excel Builders,, Casabella Home Furnishings & Interiors, Natalie Claymann.



Gold fittings show off the flamboyant side of your persona. Choose sleek, modern shapes that will balance out the shine. Remember to pick quality pieces from trusted brands, else the plating will come off very soon. A bit of gilt is good for the soul.


L to R: Dutch Mountain House, Teuco,,



Ceramic need not be your only choice of material. Stone, metal, wood, glass and coloured porcelain can replace the standard, boring stuff. Choose a shape that will fit the space without looking bulky. Pick a decent size; a tiny bowl will be pretty useless. A wall- mounted design is great for small bathrooms.


L to R:,,,



Intelligent storage is the key to life in smaller spaces. A well-designed bathroom cabinet can hold all your essentials, while some additional shelves will accommodate the rest. Utilise the corners, which would otherwise go waste. If the ready options don’t suit your needs, then customise a solution.


L to R: Talita Romano,,, 

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