If television cookery shows are your addiction and you’re more excited about the new season of Masterchef than Sherlock, then we bet that you have at least one celebrity chef icon. You idolise their process, swear by their recipes and move heaven and earth to hunt down their recommended ingredients. Your kitchen and place settings look like theirs; your lunch and dinner dos are almost ‘as seen on TV’. You grow your own herbs, pound your own spice mix from the scratch, time your sous vide to the nanosecond. To lend a helping hand, we have put together an assortment of table and kitchen accessories that will get you one step closer to the spirit of your favourite gourmet god or goddess. 
Immaculate concepts: Martha Stewart
Your home looks like the model specimen in picture perfect American suburbia. Your kitchen is pristine and spotless – there’s never a speck of dust anywhere. You wash up after every step, your fruit never catches mould, your pantry is the most organised that we’ve ever seen. Your place settings are so pretty – in the ethereal combination of duck-egg blue and cream, with specks of baby’s breath – that we don’t have the heart to lift the mother-of-pearl cutlery. Every item on the menu is impeccable – even your fries are gloriously and evenly golden. Luxe yet understated, your choice of serveware makes every meal a dream. 
Banaras Dinnerware from Nishita: Rs 64,900/- 
Ocean Coral Serving Bowl Large from Michael Aram: Rs 21,100/-
Maharani Bowl from Moser: Rs 1,47,000/-
Rose Quartz Platter from Jewelcraftz: Rs 8200/-
Modern rustic: Jamie Oliver 
You source seasonal, local, organic produce. You pot your own herbs, chillies, cherry tomatoes; your balconette is a mini greenhouse. You keep it simple, quick and nutritious. Just a few things in a blender that you ‘waz up’, then toss a bit on the hob. You don’t ‘muck about’. Your earthy style immediately puts your guests at ease. Your food is wholesome, full of flavor, honest: what you see is what you get. Heart is your magic ingredient. Frilly crockery and cutlery do not have a place on your unpretentious table. Quality glazed ceramic and sturdy cast iron are your trusted, fuss-free companions, along with your chunky chopping board. Easy to use. Easy to clean. 
Matsya Gravy Boat from Anantaya: Rs 1500/-
Fhisher’s Net Table Mats from Monsoon and Beyond: Rs 950/-
Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker from The Edit: Rs 1500/-
Glazed Ceramic Jar from The Edit: Rs 3500/-
Sassy urban: Nigella Lawson
Why grind your own when the packaged spices are perfectly fine? Why de-shell peas when the frozen stuff is fresher? You are practical, because there is life outside the kitchen, and you intend to live it up in style. You can rustle up a menu at an hour’s notice: you are a champion multi-tasker, but you don’t break a sweat during pressure times. Prepping with you over aperitifs is so much fun. You always have an extra stock of marsala – for cooking, of course – and you don’t fret and fuss over the perfect poached egg. What tastes amazing looks amazing, and your full-bodied flavours keep us drooling even after we’re done. But there’s always room for more dessert. 
Bordeaux Grand Cru from INV Home: Rs 14,700/- 
Cloche Serveware Large from Anantaya: Rs 5700/-
Murano Dessert Bowl Set from Taherally’s: Rs 72,000/-
Noah’s Ark from Moser: Rs 2,56,000/-
Dramatic flair: Heston Blumenthal
Who doesn’t like a little bit of magic? Except, the magic is actually science. And some history. The wackiest and geekiest culinary maestro with a penchant for table theatrics is a favourite – we can tell from the kooky theme parties you throw and the precision with which you prep your food. Your kitchen is more like a laboratory (your current obsession is herb vapours); your equipment gets curiouser and curiouser. You are never afraid to experiment, and everyone loves your wicked sense of humour, which extends to the quirky array of serving paraphernalia that you have collected. We would never decline an invitation from you – instead of a doggie bag, we always get a take-away story.  
Masq Tableware Kubik & Tumblers from Maleras: Rs 10,100/- 
Keytlery from Seletti: Rs 21,560/-
Palazzo Torrione from Seletti: Rs 11,500/-
N Collection – Eternal Shisha from Airdiem: Rs 74,880/-
Classical symphony: Marco Pierre White
You are the proud heir to precious ancestral recipes, and you retain their original ethos, with just the essential modern tweaks. The classicist in you prefers clean flavours. Your philosophy: beautiful ingredients equal beautiful cooking. With the help of perfect technique, which you have mastered effortlessly. Your menu looks deceptively simple, but a true foodie would know the time and effort spent on each dish. You set a minimalist luxe table: nothing screams ‘design’ but everything comes together in perfect harmony. From the wine pairings to the palate cleansers – every item has perfect balance. Supreme quality. Take a bow. 
Olive Branch Casserole from Michael Aram: Rs 25,400/- 
Dionys Drinking Set from Moser: Price on request
Longdrink Vina (Set of 6) from INV Home: Rs 6200/-
Olive Branch Casserole Server from Michael Aram: Rs 6800/-
Gritty gourmet: Gordon Ramsay
Tough as nails on the outside, molten butter on the inside – you are as misunderstood as the culinary world’s enfant terrible. Your frustration with mediocrity stems from your heightened passion for respectful cooking. We would dread helping you out in the kitchen, but would never, ever miss a meal that you offer. You can wring robust flavours out of vegetable peels and make brussel sprouts dance. Your food is not fussy, but not everyone can make it the way you do. You like sleek, modern cookware and serveware – nothing jarring that would distract from the hero, which is the stellar menu. You don’t need enhancements, your confidence in your content is admirable, and justified. You cook with love, which redeems the impossible perfectionist in you. 
Urban Tweeter - Pitcher from Rayden Design: Rs 1500/-
Devnagari Trays (Set of 3) from Nishita: Rs 5100/-
Black Marble Serving Platter Set from The Edit: Rs 4500/-
Decorative Inlay Bowls (Set of 3) from Mayur Arts: Rs 22,500/-

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