Are you minimalist and proud? Do you believe that minimalism is a higher form of design, and can look through its deceptive simplicity and appreciate the seamless symphony of engineering and aesthetic balance? Do you think that real luxury should be fuss-free and pure? Then you will find a soulmate among our top picks that speak in a subtle, yet powerful language. 

Gaining clarity

The beautifully aligned double-U is the star feature of this handcrafted lead-free crystal glass vase from renowned Czech brand Moser. A classic example of minimalist design, the Four Seasons receives its name due to its timeless elegance.


Four Seasons from Moser: Rs 61,000/-

Blurred lines

Simplicity can often surprise us. The Hazy Collection by Dutch designer Ivan Krasner is a translation of misty windows; the result is highly effective. The modular form complements the translucent dial and keeps the focus on time-telling.


Hazy Collection (Black) from LEFF Amsterdam: Rs 12,000/-

Breath taking

Space-age shisha! The award winning N-Collection by Belgian designer Nedda El-Asmar for Airdiem is a minimalist, modern substitute for the ancient, ornate hookah. The food-certified stainless steel narghille is a poetic fusion of functionality and form.


N-Collection Milk Shisha from Airdiem: Rs 87,360/-

Simply irresistible

These very realistic faux ivory tusk sculptures demonstrate the impact of linear forms. Handcrafted in resin with inlay work and uncluttered by excessive ornamentation, these pieces command attention with their sheer presence.


Sculptural Tusks from Mayur Arts: Price on request

Deep impact

The abstract spiral shape of this handcrafted and moulded copper pedestal sink is unconventionally beautiful. Minimalist design need not always be subtle; it can be dominant. This piece is a powerful example.


Copper Sink from Square Cubes: Rs 2,39,000/-

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