Life after post-grad is exciting, and a little extra motivation for the first timers can go a long way. Our gifting guide for the new kids on the job – fab finds under Rs 5000! 

Dress circle

If your buddy is the new recruit of that swanky MNC, where the dress code is all about the Ps – polish, posh, power – then a little bling on those starched cuffs would be necessary. A sleek leather cufflink box is your way of showing support. And who says that cufflinks are only for the boys? A girl sporting a pair is one who knows her game. And she can also store her ear-studs.


Tesoro Cufflink Box from Taama: Rs 4565/-


God of small things

Coins, paperclips, pins, popped buttons, mints, lost and found, delicious secrets – everyone has that one mystical box or jar that holds the key to their soul. It is the magic jar that contains ninety-nine items that you did not throw away because, ‘What if I need it?’ and that one thing which will unexpectedly save your life on a dreadful day. Desktop, drawer, shelf, cabinet – any place is good enough for the best gift in the world.



Spire Jar White from Anantaya

 Small: Rs 3200/-  Medium: Rs 3440/-  Large: Rs 3600/- 


Comfort zone

A new recruit is basically a slave. ‘Sleep? What sleep? At your age, I used to…..’ Yes, o great boss, we get it. We have lost our friend to you. But maybe, they will remember us vaguely during their daily quota of thirty seconds’ sit-down time. We have specially selected the pin-tucked cushion to match your glass and chrome décor scheme. In the rare case that our dear friend is allowed to carry their personality to work, we also have a patterned option. A good cushion is like a hug from a pal. We are with you, buddy.



Pintaux Cushion from Sarita Handa: Rs 3300/- Moroccan Cushion from Sarita Handa: Rs 3300/-
Grid Cushion from Sarita Handa: Rs 3700/-



Work of art

A little sculpture sitting pretty on a desk never hurt anyone. It actually goes nicely with the Mac and those box files. Apart from bringing a smile to your friend’s face, it can also be used for sticking Post-its. A bird perched on a branch metaphorically represents the future high-flyer that you would like your friend to be. You are also contributing to the aesthetic improvement of a space – a very noble cause.

Small Perch Sculpture from Taamaa: Rs 3400/- 


Green and bear it

Worried that your newly disciplined pal may blur lines between work and play? Old habits die hard, but you can minimise your bro’s tendency to ‘fall sick’ on Monday mornings with the help of a pretty little planter, complete with a delicate bit of foliage. Not only will it brighten up the cubicle, but it will also stir your buddy’s maternal instincts to nurture and nourish. Have you watered Lyla today? First thing in the morning!

Black Kayak from The Edit: Rs 3200/-


Save the day

Fixed deposits, stocks and bonds will all happen later. For now, rediscover the practical wisdom of the quaint, old-school ways. Be a parent to your pal and encourage them to start a petty cash piggy bank with an achievable goal in mind – like the kayaking trip that you guys have been planning for ages but always run out of dough because of weekends. You know the feeling of finding money in a trouser pocket after a wash. Multiply that a few times. Pure bliss.

Piglet’s Penny Bank from Taamaa

Small: Rs 2600/-  
Medium: Rs 4100/- 
Large: Rs 4600/- 


Weight training

Cute, cool, proper, artsy, quirky, cheesy – whatever your friend may be, there is always the perfect paperweight for their workspace. Apart from their obvious function, which is to keep those valuable sheets in place, these little beauties can also be hurled at malicious colleagues, office gossipmongers, tyrant bosses and imbecile interns. But real-time violence is not the way. Imagination is less damaging, more fun.


Paperweights from The Edit: Apple – Rs 800/-; Pear – Rs 600/-; Pumpkin – Rs 600/-

Three Little Birds Paperweights Set from Taamaa: Rs 2350/-


Mind games

Help your socially inept friend make some office buddies in their new workspace with the help of some cool playthings. Who can resist a fancy version of a simple game that everyone can play? Train your pal to graciously and good-naturedly lose a few times and then see the difference. A guaranteed ice-breaker in a box. Your friend will be eternally grateful.

Leisure Tic Tac Toe from Taamaa: Rs 4115/-

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