Lighting is the most important element of décor – one that affects and influences all other components of a space. It is the most effective way to set or alter the mood. No matter how tastefully you’ve done up your home, if your light fixtures are not right, then you are somewhat missing the point. But we’re here to help, with this handy dossier that lists the basics, along with a handpicked selection of products that will beautifully light up your life. 


The Candelabra

Church altars, grand dinner setups, evenings with courtesans – the candelabra has been featured as a striking character in many a historic and cinematic setting. There is something theatrical about this piece; no other lighting fixture conjures the same feeling. The modern, urban lifestyle may deem these as dated and unnecessary (electricity is a more practical option) or as inconvenient (dripping wax, laborious cleaning), but the romantic at heart will still succumb to its charms. If you like dark Baroque, then The Three Black Monkeys Candle Stand from Seletti is yours to take. If quirky-cool is your style, then the Tulip Table Candle Holder from Taamaa is your housemate. And if you’re willing to go all the way, then we suggest the incredible Bohemian Candle Stand from Taherallys as our top pick, because old flames never die.


Three Black Monkeys Candle Stand from Seletti: Rs 41,880/- Tulip Table Candle Holder from Taamaa: Rs 9500/- Bohemian Candle Stand from Taherallys: Rs 6,01,000/-


The Floor Lamp

Corner spaces can be utilised most effectively with the help of some tall friends; a luxe floor lamp can transform the seating area for your guests and can also be comforting company near your favourite recliner. Since this is a fairly large piece, it is important to pick a material and style that will complement the other elements and furniture items in that area. Your swanky 20th floor apartment in the swish highrise has granite countertops, dark wood flooring and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. We think that the stainless steel Charpoy Floor Lamp from Alex Davies Studio would fit right in. If you have a retro den and a penchant for reading, then the Art Deco Floor Lamp from Taherallys will complement your bookshelves. If you’re veering towards a conscious lifestyle, then this unusual Wooden Lamp Stand With Bottle Holder, crafted from reclaimed teak root by The Yellow Bohemian, will appeal with its organic design philosophy.


Charpoy Floor Lamp from Alex Davies Studio: Rs 68,000/- Art Deco Floor Lamp from Taherallys: Rs 30,000/- Wooden Lamp Stand with Bottle Holder from The Yellow Bohemian: Rs 69,000/-


The Table Lamp

Your beautiful antique writing desk is incomplete without its soulmate. That hallway chest needs a little something to liven up. The lacquered accent table that you picked up from Beijing looks a bit lonely. Any space could do with at least one of a few of these. Table lamps are essential and versatile home accessories, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety in design and material out there. The elegant Chippendale dresser in your bedroom is waiting for this adorably retro Art Deco Lamp from Taherallys. Bring it home. The new study-cum-den that you recently upholstered in leather, would be the perfect setting for the Africa-inspired Kudu Table Tamp from Alex Davies Studio; primitive and industrial have never blended so seamlessly before. And if you take pride in your artsy side and are a passionate collector of one-of-a-kind artefacts, then the reclaimed teak root Leaf Lamp from The Yellow Bohemian, with its eye-catching shape, will become a surefire conversation starter in your guest area.


Art Deco Lamp from Taherallys: Rs 32,000/- Kudu Table Lamp from Alex Davies Studio: Rs 19,000/- Leaf Lamp from The Yellow Bohemian: Rs 52,000/-


The Ceiling Lamp

Oversized crystal chandeliers are best left to the banquet rooms of palatial homes. For the not-so-high ceilings of urban complexes and apartments, smaller hanging lights are better suited. Size has nothing to do with taste; our refined selection of vintage fixtures is ample proof. Taherallys, one of the nation’s best antiques’ dealers, has some beautiful specimens of European decadence from the early 20th century, which would gloriously illuminate an entrance, a hallway, a corner or a seating area. The Opalescent Glass Ceiling Lamps are instant collectibles because they are crafted in rare, iridescent uranium glass – a material whose production was stopped post World War II. The stylised French Ceiling Lamp, shaped like an abstract composite of flower petals, is a lovely pendant for the balcony. With beauties like these around, who needs chandeliers anyway?


Opalescent Glass Ceiling Lamp (Rs 2,63,000/-); Opalescent Glass Ceiling Lamp (Rs 3,38,000/-); French Ceiling Lamp (Rs 1,66,000/-). All from Taherallys.


Small Accents

Candle stands and tea-light holders are smaller, subtler cousins of the dramatic candelabra. Great for informal evenings with guests, or simply for enhancing the mood of a general evening at home, these pretty accessories can be placed just about anywhere to create a warm glow. Aromatic candles will add fragrance and lift the atmosphere. The ornately carved wood and cladded silver pair of Wall Brackets from Mayur Arts look great at a doorway; use larger candles or convert this into an electrical fitting with some minor drilling and wiring. Evoking a strong sense of nawabiana, the Green Crystal Candle Stand from Essajees is perfect for an evening of ghazals and thumris. For the modern, polished lot, we have beautiful cut glass accents from Moser – the Pyramid tea-light and candle holders reflect your brilliant taste. Mix and match a few shapes, sizes and styles for an eclectic statement; spread them around the house for a festive feel throughout the year. If you prefer flameless lighting, then electronic tea-lights are easily available everywhere.


Wall Brackets – Pair from Mayur Arts: Rs 53,500/- Green Crystal Candle Stand from Essajees: Rs 8299/- Pyramid Tea Light Holder from Moser: Rs 8000/-


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