Impressionism, cubism, surrealism, pointillism, pop, post-modern – avid collectors don’t need to brush up their glossary; they can add to the list in a blink. For many of us though, stepping into a gallery space can be a little intimidating; we try to make sense of the animated gushes, detailed critiques and jargon-laden conversations about the masterpieces on display. Art does not always need to be understood right away; its first aim is to create a vivid emotion within the viewer. Its interpretation is subjective, and also deeply personal. If you connect strongly with a piece, then it is yours – simple. If you have the interest and are looking to expand your knowledge of the world within the lacquered and gilded frames, then this basic wall art guide will speak to you.


If you are drawn towards different surfaces – corrugated, pebbled, splintered, cracked, gravelled – then your sense of touch is very strong. You ‘feel’ your surroundings; the textural components on walls, flooring, furniture and upholstery communicate with you. Your own home is a curated mix of planes – some subtle, others visibly strong. You are all about the details: part industrial, part organic, part abstract. To you, even colour is meant to enhance the grain. You prefer to read the expressions of microelements over definitive motifs or figurines; a tactile experience is what you seek. The mixed metal collages from Artisan House are playful with their blend of warm and cool tones. Vandeepp Kalra’s intricately crafted Marrakesh mosaic, composed of hand-cut, high-quality tiles, will be an exotic adornment for your wall. The untitled acrylic on canvas by Gourishankar Soni has an enigmatic three-dimensional quality: it takes a while to figure it out.

Epiphany from Artisan House: Price on request.

Marrakesh from Vandeepp Kalra: Rs 18,000/-

Untitled (Colour) by Gourishankar Soni from Bougainvillea: Price on request.


Religious/ Mythical

Most classical art forms, all across the globe, attribute their roots to religious iconography and mythology. All of these have developed as refined (and somewhat ornate) versions of folk art, which illustrate local fables and lore more simplistically. Greco-Roman to Rennaissance to Pahari miniatures – almost all paintings and collages exemplify gods, goddesses and famous scenes from popular mythos. Some schools of art are centuries’ old and retain their original styles. Others are modern medleys that carry the strains of the ancient sagas. Those who are willing to study the complexities of these illustrations will find that each component – even something as simple as a branch – has its own significance in the scheme of things. Ganesh Emporium has a glorious range of Pichwai tapestries that are intricately hand-embroidered with the figurines of Hindu deities. Paul Bhonsle’s resplendent panels of copper leaf on teak wood elaborately illuminate Biblical perspectives in stylised detail. The collection of original Raja Ravi Varma Press oleographs from The Edit portrays Indian celestial imagery in its finest form. 

Vintage Hand Embroidered Krishna Pichwai Black from Ganesh Emporium: Price on request.

Visions Of The Virgin – Mother Divine by Paul Bhonsle: Price on request.

Urvashi And Pururavas by Raja Ravi Varma from The Edit: Rs 18,000/-



As a modern purist, you like a synergic alignment of spatial elements. Less is always more. You are inclined towards artworks that have a superficial simplicity, but with a strong underlying thought and supreme finesse of craftsmanship. A limited number of components that are symphonically composed within a frame echo your minimalist, uncluttered thought process. You are not afraid of colour; you like the strong blocking of hues that creates a vibrant energy in a space. You are not restricted when it comes to the subject – you are open to nature, architecture, still life or the human form – but its presentation needs to be focussed rather than overwhelmingly scattered. Madhavi Kelwa’s paintings of flora and fauna will quietly complement your study or hallway. The Swan from Artisan House, with its swirling metallic delicacy, is a subtle statement for your living or dining area. The untitled mixed media on canvas piece by Gourishankar Soni is an intriguing pot-pourri of shapes and forms, which are cohesively blended into a singular mural.

The Stag by Madhavi Kelwa: Rs 41,600/-

Swan from Artisan House: Price on request.

Untitled by Gourishankar Soni from Bougainvillea: Price on request



Your magpie sensibility is an asset that will help you explore art; your openness to various styles and forms is a result of your travels, interactions and cultural experiences. You have a wandering spirit and a penchant for the exotic. You love colour – the more, the better! You are a collector of curios; each piece that is displayed in your home has an attached back-story. You view art with a sense of humour, which borders on kitsch sometimes, but the luxe kind (Horn Ok Please was never your thing). Your practised eye can easily distinguish between an authentic artifact and a well-done replica. You like your space to be a pulsating medley of elements from all over the globe, as well as from different eras. Feel free to adorn your walls with a myriad assortment of paintings, murals and collages. The quirky, somewhat childlike renderings of Shahid Parvez are sure to make anyone smile. The intricately heady Peacock Grace mosaic ring by Vandeepp Kalra brings your inner flower child to life. The Mughal Garden tapestry from Ganesh Emporium celebrates textile craft at its best.


Peacock Grace by Vandeepp Kalra: Rs 70,000/-

Flower By Flower by Shahid Parvez from Bougainvillea: Price on request.

Bubbly by Shahid Parvez from Bougainvillea: Price on request.

Mughal Garden Hand Embroidered Tapestry from Ganesh Emporium: Price on request


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