The most fun modern Christmas tradition is being someone’s secret Santa. Whether you draw a name from a jar in the office, or you are assigned someone in your friends’ circle, the key to choosing a good gift is taking the effort to understand the recipient’s taste and personality. Think about your own reaction when you open the box marked with your name: will it be ‘awwww’ or ‘ughhh’? The one who gives also receives, such goes the saying. We are here to be your angels and give you some useful tips to aid your search for great presents this Yuletide season.

For the avid globetrotter

They are always planning holidays to exotic or offbeat locales. They never exhaust their stock of travel stories and anecdotes. They have a handy contact in any part of the world. They always give you useful pointers for your own holidays. Most travellers are also photography enthusiasts, and would love coffee table books filled with gorgeous images. A cashmere shawl would be a great companion for their journeys. And if they are collectors of curios and antiques, then a vintage trunk will be a nice fit in their Bohemian home.


Inside Rio from CMYK Book Store: Rs 6300/- & 
Steve McCurry: The Unguarded Moment from CMYK Book Store: Rs 4200/-

Cashmere Throw from Andraab: Rs 77,700/- & Maharaja Cabin Trunk from The Calcutta Restoration Co: Rs 25,000/-


For the non-professional chef

We all have that one friend who lives for all things gastro and gourmet. They grow their own herbs, have a near professional kitchen setup and dream of opening their own resto-pub or café. They would love quality ceramics, quirky serve-ware and high grade culinary equipment. It is your way of thanking them for the numerous lunch and dinner invitations, and also ensuring your spot at the table next year.


Olive Branch Pie Dish from Michael Aram: Rs 17,000/- & 
Black Marble Serving Platter Set from The Edit: Rs 4500/-

Octagram Star Plate Set Of 4 from Anantaya: Rs 3600/- & Aubergine Chopping Board from Seletti: Rs 4299/-


For the new parent

For expectant or new parents, the world revolves around their children. They are happier to receive gifts for their precious ones, rather than for themselves. Bedding sets, quilts and blankets for the juniors will be welcomed with joy. A beautiful photo-frame will take a place of pride in their household, displaying a prized click of their little angel. A cosy throw is a thoughtful gift for a new mother, to make the short solo break times that she gets as comfortable as possible.

Puppy Love Bed Set from Little West Street: Rs 17,500/- & 
Child Mind Institute Picture Frame from Michael Aram: Rs 6300/-

Cotton Throw Orchid from Gunjan Adya: Rs 10,000/-


For the spiritually inclined

There are those who have always been deeply religious, and others who have recently discovered spirituality. Whether or not you share their faith, you can show your support for their beliefs as vividly or subtly as you wish. An oriental symbol of luck, translated into an artsy wall clock, is a lovely gesture. An incense holder is your contribution to their meditation hour. A visual volume containing beautiful images will be cherished on the coffee table. A framed artwork depicting Biblical iconography is a perfect celebration of the season.

Swallow X Clock from Haoshi: Rs 12,499/- & 
Naga Agarbatti Holder from Anantaya: Rs 2300/-

Amen from Paul Bhonsle: Rs 92,000/- & 
The Path To Buddha from CMYK Book Store: Rs 2100/-


For the conscientious consumer

The conscience of your friends’ circle or office is always trying to educate you about the importance of shunning reckless consumerism. While you may not always pay attention to their ‘responsible’ talk, you know that they have extremely valid points. As a mark of your respect towards them, look for conscientious and sustainable labels. An upcycled carpet or rug, a restored furniture piece or an antique curio scores more points than luxury goods made in China.

Corner Chair from Classic Furnishers: Price on request & 
Whiskey Decanter from Taherally’s: Rs 32,000/-

Epochal Rug from Imperial Knots: Rs 36,000/-

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