The festival of lights brings with it the pressures of professional gifting. Larger corporates collaborate with vendors and customise items along with their packaging, but this is as an effective option only when quantities are higher, with advance planning. For those who work independently or head small organisations, there are plenty of last-minute options to pick from, no matter what your budget is. Personalised gifting takes you a long way, and makes your present memorable to the individuals that you closely interact with throughout the year. Happy Diwali.

Under Rs 3000/-

Scented candles are the safest and the most popular option; choose fragrances that are subtly reminiscent of Indian flowers and spices – nothing too sharp or strong since they may not suit the olfactory sensibilities of everyone. A handcrafted incense holder is another widely accepted gifting choice; supplement it with a small assortment of aromatic sticks. A diya is beautifully apt for the season and extends its use beyond the festivities to lend a warm glow to any cosy home soiree. An ornate yet utilitarian pick is a designer version of the humble USB drive – anyone will love it!

                                        Svarupa Candle from The Edit: Rs 1200/- & Naga Agarbatti Holder from Anantaya: Rs 2300/-

Lift Top Lau Diya from Anantaya: Rs 3,000/- & Bird USB Drive from Absynthe Design: Rs 2400/-

Under Rs 5000/-

An artsy bottle stopper is a thoughful present for a bar-proud industry colleague who appreciates fine wines and the good life. A work acquaintance with a great sense of humour deserves a gift with fun vibe; a designer version of an everyday board game will provide entertainment during coffee breaks at their office. A trinket box is apt for someone with a penchant for collecting small objects or jewellery; works well on any desk, or a dresser. A hand-etched, vintage glass candle-holder is perfect for the occasion and would work as a lovely accent in any home.

Olive Branch Gold Stopper from Michael Aram: Rs 4100/- & 
Leisure Tic Tac Toe from Taamaa: Rs 4300/-

Agate Jewellery Box from Jewelcraftz: Rs 5000/- & Clear Glass Candle Holder from Essajees: Rs 4299/-



Under Rs 7500/-

A delicately handcrafted tray is a great addition to the office of someone with taste; espressos will now be stylishly served. Another good option is a tray with compartments, which will become the best friend of a desk or the cabinet top of an entrance hallway; paper clips, keys and other knick-knacks will now have a home. A resplendent brass casserole vibrantly conveys the season’s greetings to a food enthusiast with a desi heart; they will be running to build a set in no time. A handcrafted wine glass in a quirky design is the ultimate gift for your favourite party buddy, with whom you have shared many a happy post-work moment.

                                   Black Orchid Vanity Tray from Michael Aram: Rs 6800/- & The Factory Pocket Tray from Seletti: Rs 6680/-

                                        Crescent Bowl from Anantaya: Rs 6000/- & Masq Tableware Electra Wine from Maleras: Rs 7400/-

Under Rs 9,000/-

An agate cheese platter is an excellent choice for the season: likely to appeal to anyone because it is so pretty, and also looks lovely in a box. Innovative salt and pepper shakers score high points because of two things – they are safe gifting options, but also personal because of their design quotient. A cool, modern wall clock in a minimalist style will be appreciated by the sophisticated eye, and can easily fit into any décor scheme – whether in a personal or a professional space. A small, hand-cut glass vase from a globally renowned brand will earn you respect for your stellar taste.

                 Smoky Quartz Platter from Jewelcraftz: Rs 8200/- & Pomegranate Salt and Pepper Shake Gold from Michael Aram: Rs 8500/-

                                             Scope Collection (Grey) from Leff Amsterdam: Rs 8100/- & Circular Vase from Moser: Rs 9000/-


Under Rs 12,000/-

A set of coloured agate coasters lend some luxe to tea breaks or aperitifs post business hours. Unconventional glasses add a touch of art to the bar of a trusted business associate, who you know is also a collector or quirky things. A pair of elegantly shaped offbeat vases can brighten up a work space or a home; the lustrous metal conveys your greetings during the festivities. A uniquely crafted cheese board or platter is a conversation starter for the table of a colleague who loves to host dinners and has graciously invited you over many a time.

                      Sea Green Agate Coasters from Jewelcraftz: Rs 12,000/- & Masq Tableware Kubik Tumblers from Maleras: Rs 10,100/-

                      Swan Vases from Taamaa: Rs 10,000/- & Olive Branch Gold Cheese Board with Knife from Michael Aram: Rs 11,400/-


Under Rs 15,000/-

If you are familiar with someone’s taste or décor aesthetic, then an artistic and inventive wall clock is a lovely present, especially if the design embodies ancient symbols of good fortune. A handcrafted glass business-card holder is a gorgeous gift for a formal business associate, especially if it carries the logo of a renowned luxury brand. An ornate metal vase that is hand carved and etched with intricate motifs represents traditional craft and is a beautiful memento that expresses your respect for a professional alliance. An ergonomically crafted, luxe aroma diffuser is a thoughtful choice and a wellness accessory; add a couple of essential oils to create a set.

                                                                    Goldfish X Clock from Haoshi: Rs 14,899/- & Card Holder from Moser: Rs 15,000/-

                                 Hand Carved White Metal Sheesha Vase from Essajees: Rs 14,799/- & Aurora Aroma Diffuser from Toast: Rs 13,649/-

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