Ganesh Chaturthi is an auspicious time for new beginnings in our lives and new additions to our homes. This resplendent selection of objets d’art is the perfect way to kickstart the festive season. Specially handpicked for their beautiful blends of craft and cool, these pieces can be welcomed as the newest members of your ethno-luxe household, and also work as great gifting options. A bit of colour and lots of shine to brighten up this part of the year. Spread love and light.


Table manners

Pretty servers for nuts, dry fruits and dainty bites are always fail-safe gifting options, but let’s not become boring. Exercise some imagination in your choice. The Vincent Nut Dish is part of designer Michael Aram’s collection inspired by Dutch legend Van Gogh. The Pomegranate Catch All is a versatile table accessory. Fully handcrafted in oxidised bronze, these luxe-organic collectibles are a modern interpretation of a revived heritage technique.


Butterfly Ginkgo Nut Dish (Rs 19400/-) Vincent Nut Dish (Rs 6800/-) and Pomegranate Catch All (Rs 4100/-), by Michael Aram.


A warm welcome

Ganesh Chaturthi brings a flood of visitors to your home. Welcome your guests with a traditional sherbet – a spiced cooler or a thandai-inspired beverage or something with a hint of saffron – served in heavy-bottomed copper or brass tumblers, which can be placed on these gorgeous agate coasters. The vibrant colours and elegantly graphic patterns of the stone immediately set a festive tone. Multiple compliments come free with every purchase.


Agate Coasters from Jewelcraftz: Rs 12,000/- (Set of 4)


Cubist touches

Sweets, dry fruits, candles, pot pourri, silver – the festive gifts or invitations that you send to your relatives, friends and business associates look even better when they arrive in neat little boxes that speak of your personal attention and enviable taste. The gift box sets from Olie are more than just packaging – they are handcrafted in quality natural card and are available in various shapes and sizes. The pretty yet quirky prints make it difficult for us to throw them away, and they are easily reusable as trinket storage units.


Windsong Gift Box Hexagonal (Rs 450/-) Windsong Gift Box Long (Rs 450/-)  Windsong Gift Box Set of 3 (Rs 1120/-) by Olie


Food for thought

A traditional meal is best enjoyed with an authentic table setting. Stow the silver and bring out the brass. This gorgeous thaali is inspired by the crescent-shaped earring designs in gold and pearl, from the Deccan; anything served in this doubles in sumptuousness! The earthy richness of hand-tinned metal is perfect for offering prasad to the Lord. The set can also be used non-traditionally – individual components or as a whole – to serve crackers, dips or mezze platters during casual gatherings. Craft at its coolest.


Crescent Thaali Set from Anantaya: Rs 9600/-


Let there be light

The festive season is all about radiance; the warm glow of the traditional diya is now assisted by tea lights, candles and fairy bulbs. Create accent areas in your living space with small light installations; put in some vibrant desi flowers for additional ethnicity. The Trinetra candle hanger from Anantaya will illuminate a cosy corner. The Slate tea-light holder from Taamaa sits pretty on coffee tables, windowsills and counter spaces. The Svarupa candle from The Edit creates a heady, fragrant medley of oud, lotus and musk. Heaven!


Trinetra from Anantaya: Rs 6500/-,  Svarupa Candle from The Edit: Rs 1200/-, Slate T-Light Holder from Taamaa: Rs 3250/-


Regal revamp

This season is all about starting afresh, and it starts with giving your living space a small makeover. A mural or wall art that displays a rare or specialised heritage technique will add a touch of richness to your room. It is also a good way for budding collectors to start investing in art before hitting the auction houses in a few years. This country is a treasure trove of mythology, folklore, kingdoms, legends and fables, all of which inspire its various craft forms. Thikri mirror inlay work and intricate brass paintings are beautiful examples.


Celebration of Village Life from Devrai Art Village: Rs 65,000/-, Thikri Wall Art from The Edit: Rs 21,000/-



Space revamps are all about the details. If you’re redecorating your home, don’t ignore the finer touches. Instead of machine-made, standard (read boring) door and wardrobe handles, try these handcrafted, stainless steel, copper-plated beauties from Square Cubes that appeal with their unique shapes. Express your artsy side through your choice – a flamboyant persona should have a gilded peacock feather door handle to match! Subtly ornate, these pieces complement most tones of wood and can even work with premium laminates.


Peacock Feather (Rs 11,000/-) and Tree of Life (Rs 25,000/-) door handles from Square Cubes.


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