The splendour of the printed page does not fade away in the digitalized age. At a time when the good old book is taken over by screens of varying degrees, it is an absolute wonder to see artists like Aditi Babel, lovingly reinventing and bringing them back to life through the creative pursuit of book art.
While scouring the lanes of Udaipur, Rajasthan for books, Babel failed to find something that spoke to her. It had to go beyond just reading pleasure, it had to have a lasting impact. She finally picked a hardbound Japanese travelogue in Kanji letters. This, she decided, would constitute the raw material for book sculpting- her kind of art form. Since then, she has been renovating traditional text into genuine art works.
A graduate in Applied Arts with a keen interest in Fine Arts, she pursued her Post-Graduation in Visual Communication from IIT-Bombay and went to Florence to formally study book making. 
Handcrafted book sculpture titled memories
Babel says she first understands the beauty of the book, both physical and otherwise and later transforms it into artwork. The idea of a ‘book’, and sometimes ‘story’, is explored through multiple mediums, techniques and materials such as cutting, twisting, rolling and refashioning of the pages as well as Origami. 
Handcrafted artist book with stories of Mewar
City Palace of Udaipur
Her love for handcrafted art led to the creation of the Aditi Babel Design Studio that envisions creating handcrafted stories, products and services. Babel Books, under the label ABDS, is an avant-garde in book craft, creating a wide range of handcrafted stationery with innovative bindings, limited edition artist books and paper sculptures. She is currently gearing for her next big exhibition scheduled for the month of June in San Francisco. 
Renaissance of Freedom: Sculpture at the Kalaghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai
Through her fine craftsmanship, aesthetic sensibility and an eye for detail, Aditi fashions books that are a visually spectacular reinvention of their pre-existing shape and rightly captures the vulnerability as well as the intimacy of the printed page. 
Concept Design and Product Development 

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