Out in the big, bad, real world for the first time? Paying rent through your nose for a shoebox or biding your time in a crowded flat-share? Is your corner a pretty little haven, even though your roomie is a pig? So what if you don’t have those millions yet; you have something priceless – taste! Our selection of useful knick-knacks will start off the collector in you, will fetch you compliments galore and can be easily packed in case you need to move. And light on the pocket too – all under Rs 3000! 
Chips, lavache and wasabi peas with drinks, popcorn on a movie night, fruits during your ‘healthy lifestyle’ micro-moments or flowers during festivities – these resplendent metallic platters are champion multi-taskers. So easy to clean and store. While your Neanderthal friends explore the vast worlds of cheap plastic, imitation glass (again, cheap plastic) and handed down steel, you take your first step towards evolution. 
Suri Platter (Small) from Anantaya: Rs 2200/-  Lunar Chip And Dip Platter from Taamaa: Rs 2600/- Black Marble Serving Platter Set from The Edit: Rs 4500/- 
Since your floor level mattress functions as both your bed and your living room, you need to get creative with the upholstery. Cushions have unusual transformative powers, and can magically alter the mood. Neutral solids are always safe and chic, but also play with patterns and prints. Graphic, quirky, bohemian, ethnic, tribal – build up an assortment that reflects your persona. Your local discount store can’t offer the sweet comfort of handspun premium textile and first-grade filling. Word of caution though – your friends will refuse to leave! 
Wisteria Cushion (Rs 2000/-); Berries Cushion (Rs 2200/-); New Hope Cushion (Rs 3000/-)all from Sarita Handa. 
Someday, you will own a country house with lawns till the horizon. But for now, your window sill is enough. Chic stone planters versus tacky plastic ones – is there even a comparison! Some foliage or flora will instantly add a tranquil touch to your home. Or get some Feng-Shui approved botany for prosperity and wealth. And if you’re inspired by the likes of Jamie Oliver, then start your own herb garden, grow some cherry tomatoes, and watch the fruits of your labour take form, literally.
Piccolo White (Set of 3) Planters: Rs 2400/- Strano Planter: Rs 3500 /-  Kayak Planter: Rs 3200/- all  from The Edit. 
Notice how your foodgrains, cereals and biscuits become damp and smell weird in those plastic containers that you’ve been using? Not to mention the aesthetics, or the lack thereof. Ceramic, metal, glass and wood are much better storage options, and they look so much prettier. Instead of buying the mass-manufactured ‘Coffee’, ‘Tea’ and ‘Sugar’ jars that a thousand others will have, build up a collection of unique canisters that will lend a touch of art to your kitchenette. And those cookies will taste better too. 
Ceramic Canister Pattern (Rs 1500/-); Tulip Ceramic Jar (Rs 1500/-) from The Edit. Noor Spire Jar (Rs 1300/-) from Anantaya.
The landlord strictly forbids drilling. But if you’re going to do it anyway, then you’d rather do it in style. These cool, pebble-like metal hooks can be attached to anything: the backs of doors, the side of your wardrobe, the edge of your mirror frame or the wall. Discreet, functional and pretty neat, these little beauties can hang your jackets, clothes, towels, bags, jewellery or photographs. They even look great on their own and go with any décor scheme. 
                                                                  Metis Wall Hooks from Taamaa: Rs 1620/-
Monsoon brings that all-enveloping, dreaded damp smell. And also, since your hygiene conscious roomie keeps ‘forgetting’ to take out the trash and leaves the dinner out to feed the bacteria, it is a festival of fragrances in your home! Scented candles and incense will not only help clear the air, but will soothe your frayed nerves and keep you away from murderous urges. Good for the home, good for the soul. Breathe deeply. 
Svarupa Candle from The Edit: Rs 1200/- CU Stone Candle Stand Medium (Rs 2800/-); Naga Agarbatti Holder (Rs 1400/-) from Anantaya. 

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