As friends and family gather around the table to savour the best feast of the year, you go an extra mile to make the beautiful occasion of Thanksgiving extra special for them. So if you are playing the perfect host this year or spending the day visiting good friends, here is a compilation of the best serveware that will make your guests linger around the table all night, and can make for perfect dinner party gifts.

1. Monsoon and Beyond Table Mats

Create a beautiful statement at your thanksgiving table with this stylish cotton cord placemat. Suited to a variety of themes, the table mat have a muted colour scheme.

2. The Edit Black Marble Serving Platter Set

A striking addition to your kitchens, the serving platters from The Edit create elegant presentations for fruits, delicacies, and other hors d’oeuvres. Hand finished, grey flecked, natural black marble is rounded to perfection by local artisans to create a masterful piece for a well-dressed table.

3. Anantaya Cloche Serveware Medium

A bell-shaped scientific glass dome, Cloche features Shisham wood finials and a white marble base. This elegant display provides cold stone storage, protecting food from dust and moisture, and displaying desserts, cheese and other delights on the table.


4. Jewelcraftz Blue Agate Coasters

An expression of felicity, these exquisite pieces of natural agate add luxury to the table. Edges adorned with gold, these coasters make a memorable present or a decorative accent and embellish your living in the most natural and sumptuous way.


5. Michael Aram Olive Branch Pie Dish

This Porcelain Casserole Server takes its inspiration from the intricacies of form and texture, found in foliage from around the world and serves as a beautiful table accessory. 


6. Michael Aram Butterfly Gingko Nut Dish

The Butterfly Ginkgo Collection celebrates the representation of flora as fauna. This magnificent nut dish is handcrafted from stainless steel and bronze and captures the delicate beauty of the tree, from its butterfly-shaped blooms to its irresistible texture. 


7. Nishita The Mughal Garden

The Mughal Garden collection brings back love, tradition, pomp and splendour to the dining table. It is an ode to the heritage of the India of yesteryears, a time of legendary opulence.


8. Nishita Banaras Dinnerware

The beautiful jade-toned buttis delicately placed against porcelain white and golden arches make this collection a perfect blend of the classic and contemporary. The light-bright turquoise and the handcrafted 24k gilded sophistication enhances the elegance of the collection.


9. Taherally’s Cranberry Glass Centre Piece

A gorgeous centrepiece handcrafted in fine cranberry coloured glass, and ornamented with French-style patterns. The opulent gold-leaf gilding is accented by pockets of blue-grey; and the intricate designs are painted with meticulous detail.


1o. Moser Maria Theresia Drinking Set

The set imitates a set of Baroque drinking glasses from the period of Maria Theresia. The entire collection is panelled, fluted and copper wheel engraved with ornamental or figural scenes from the paintings of Watteau. 

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