Valentines Day


February brings with it a little flutter. Malls and cafes are filled with heart shaped balloons. Your florist is more stocked up than usual. The radio playlists are all about ballads. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Though you look forward to the wining, dining and cosying up, there is that nagging worry at the back of your mind: what is the perfect gift that says just enough, but not too much? No matter what your relationship status, good gifting is a skill that can be acquired with a little thought and research. And since it is 2016, our guide also lists some goodies that the ladies can pamper their men with. Chivalry is a two way street. 


Newly dating

Hey, we’re not even official yet. V-day shouldn’t really matter now, right? Wrong. Your other half will be expecting a sweet gesture, no matter how nonchalant a front they may put up. No need to deplete your savings; something inexpensive yet unique will do the trick. Hand it over casually, but expect a megawatt smile in return. A small bar or home accessory is not too personal. A quirky piece for the desk – even if it’s a gag gift – will earn you points for humour. A cool book is a fail-safe option, especially if it is about something that your date is really into. It means that you’ve been paying attention. Tip: consult a common friend; it helps. 

Black Orchid Stopper from Michael Aram: Rs 3800/-

Play House Paper Weight from Rayden Design: Rs 700/-


The Street Art Stencil Book from CMYK Book Store: Rs 2100/-

Desert Flowers from Monsoon And Beyond: Rs 4750/-


Almost couple

It’s been a few months. You’ve met each other’s friends, have been teased as ‘girlfriend/ boyfriend’, blushed a bit or smiled sheepishly, secretly liked it. You have been going out frequently, have gotten to know each other pretty well, and are starting to get comfortable without panicking. But neither of you wants to be the one to initiate the ‘so where are we?’ conversation. Actions speak louder than words, so let your gift do the talking. Think about their favourite colour. Recall a few anecdotes. Subtly quiz them about the brands they like. Observe their home or workspace. Study their general taste. Pick something that is premium, but not lavish. Don’t forget to gift wrap your present. 

Pomegranate Salt & Pepper Set Gold from Michael Aram: Rs 8500/-

Pink Agate Platter from Jewelcraftz: Rs 9900/-

Masq Tableware Electra Wine from Maleras: Rs 7400/-

Circular Vase from Moser: Rs 9000/-


Going steady

It’s a good space. There is still enough excitement, but now you’re an established couple. You have taken a short vacation together. You make effort to mingle with each other’s friends, or you may even have been introduced to a family member of your partner (yes, the P word does not bother you anymore). Conversation extends beyond fun chatter and sexy talk; you seek comfort and advice from your beau during cloudy times. Apart from the mandatory periodic tiffs and spats, you are the annoyingly happy couple that everyone wants to be, but does not admit. Your gift needs to suggest romance. Handcrafted candlestands, quality stemware, glass sculptures and semi-precious jewellery suggest the willingness to invest. Plus a weekend getaway. 

Gilded White Metal Candlestand from Mayur Arts: Rs 15,500/-

Bordeaux Grand Cru from INV Home: Rs 14,700/-

Blackbird from Maleras: Rs 17,000/-

Jocelyn Geranium Pin from Jay Strongwater: Rs 17,000/-


In a relationship

Congratulations, you have weathered the storms of commitment-phobia and have taken the R word head-on! You are secure in your relationship, mean the world to each other, but also maintain your individual spaces. Achieving this enviable balance wasn’t easy, but you have taken one rocky step at a time and reached here. You speak about the future once in a while, but also don’t pressurise yourselves with too much planning and movie-like expectations. You have a key to your partner’s pad and your décor inputs are now more than welcome, especially since half your stuff is also there. You’ve met each other’s families and the inevitable ‘settle down’ advice has started to trickle in, which you expertly field. The V-day gift needs to be pretty special: something rare or unique that speaks more than its price tag. To bring a sparkle to their eyes. 

Keytlery from Seletti: Rs 21,500/-

Whiskey Decanter from Taherallys: Rs 32,000/-

Vincent Centrepiece from Michael Aram: Rs 38,000/-

Horse Cufflinks from Sunita Shekhawat: Rs 40,000/-


Long-term haul

You’ve been the unshakeable, unbreakable duo that rests on a concrete foundation and has withstood much tectonic activity. The Sherlock and Watson (or Batman and Robin) of coupledom. It’s been a few years and you have acquired family status in your partner’s life. You are the central force in each other’s worlds. The security of comfort may dull the adrenalin pump once in a while. So take the day to spice up your romance a bit. Plan a new, exciting activity or do something that you haven’t done in a long time. Surprise each other with something unexpected, so that they get to see a new side of you. Make it extra special with a pampering, somewhat lavish gift. Limited edition, antique, precious – something that would require time and effort to find, and well worth the few extra bucks. We guarantee a steamy evening in return.

The Lotus At Fatehpur from Nishita: Rs 64,900/-

Alexei Peacock Figurine Frame: Price on request

Blue Pottery Collection Bangle: Rs 2,70,000/-

Persian Rose Tapestry from Ganesh Emporium: Price on request


It’s Complicated

Your Facebook bio gives us a big clue. You don’t want to term yourselves as a couple. You have known each other for a long time, have been dating on and off, have broken up a few times, dated other people, but for some strange reason, you keep coming back to each other. No need to explain your dynamics to us, we’re not judging, nor tagging. There is some mysterious magnestism between you that can’t be explained simply. Over the years, you have developed an understanding, and are pretty important in each other’s lives, without defining your relationship. Whatever your friends, family and good judgment may say, there’s no denying the crackling chemistry that the two of you share. Your unconventional connection is best expressed by a quirky, fun and tongue-in-cheek present. For an additional kick, get a cheesy ‘90s musical card and a stuffed toy. 

Murano Wine Glass Set from Taherallys: Rs 72,000/-


Roy Lichtenstein from CMYK Book Store: Rs 5800/-

Disco Pipe Shisha from Airdiem: Rs 44,720/-

Three Black Monkeys Candlestand from Seletti: Rs 41,900/-

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