As the days get shorter and nights become chillier with winter’s approach, you may find yourself increasingly using your time perusing pictures of sunlit balconies, patios, and gardens, and trying to bask in their springy warmth. But, there’s no reason why winter can’t be filled with life and colour too.

THOT loves spending time outdoors. Be it a wholesome barbeque with family or a intimate get together with friends, we know setting is everything. So, we have put together five simple tips and tricks to make your winter garden bloom like its spring!


Create a Colour-based Theme

Christmas gives us the perfect cues: red and green, but many of us are distracted by all the wonderful seasonal colours, and end up with a mix-and-match theme every year. Experiment with different species of plants, but keep the colour theme in sync: don’t let the beauty of the Eden you create get lost in a riot.


Cozy is Comfy

Yes, outdoor furniture should be strong and sturdy, but it must also be inviting. Add some comfortable accessories like cushions and rugs to make your little green patch more enticing. Chose pieces that compliment your plants: in colour, print, and style.


Shed some light

Since winter means shorter days with the sun will play hide and seek in the day, and dusk will take over much sooner than one hopes, ambient lighting for your outdoor area is a winter must. This will add much needed warmth and lustre to the place.  You can use outdoor candles or even create an open fire, depending on the size of your space add some permanent light fixtures.


Captivate with key accessories

Use your space you have to celebrate a thing of beauty that you love- it can be a statement art piece like a statue or an old fixture like an antique chandelier. Don’t worry about the pieces not fitting into the outdoor, because you’ll find yourself surprised by how often what you love seeing indoors is just as gorgeous when taken outside. Don’t get overwhelmed if you have more than one favourite thing, we ll do! Instead, remember that decorating your home is an act of perseverance: be patient with what you install as the piece-de-resistance, whether it is something spectacular you find on your travels, something you had created especially for you. Take your time to commit and you’ll find yourself with a favourite corner for life.


Planters and pots are clean and convenient

Small or large, potted plants are portable and change the layout of your space almost instantly. Apart from being beautiful and providing oxygen, these pieces allow you to add further design elements into the mix. You can use smaller planters to accessorize your tables and niches, while going for larger ones around the periphery to contain the mess that is otherwise created by mud and sand. Planters are great addition to balconies and patios and make a lot of sense for homes with pets as it makes it harder for them to dig up your beautiful plants where they can’t reach them.



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