Enjoy a unique wine-tasting experience ith the Dionys drinking set glasses. Lovers of red or white wine can select from an offer of various plain glasses. Every shape perfectly highlights the taste of particular wine varieties and it will enable you to enjoy every dram with its unrepeatable aroma and flavor. The high stem of the Dionys glasses prevents the wine from fast warming up when held in hand. You may also easily make the wine circle. Clear glass allows you to observe the wine very well and admire its color and purity. In order to enjoy vintage wines and new wines better, we recommend you to use a tasting decanter.
Wine-tasting or the pouring of wine into a decanter has two reasons. When pouring wine through a funnel of a decanter, you will separate clear wine from the grounds left in the bottle of vintage wines. The second and even more important reason of decantation is to air the wine and then open and harmonize it. For this very reason, primarily new wines with an expressive structure and older wines with high content of extract and alcohol, harmonic in the taste, are decanted.
It is recommended to open new wines from half an hour to two hours prior to serving. It is possible to leave the older wines “breathe” for four to twelve hours. The well-decanted wine in the Dionys glasses will enable you to enjoy a delicious drink in its full beauty and perfection of the given moment. 

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