In “Flower by flower”, Shahid Parvez is exemplifying the co-relation between man and woman, keeping the romantic parable alive. He lives and currently runs a gallery in Udaipur and has done an artists’ residency at Cardiff under a Rajasthan Wales Arts fellowship. A winner of several accolades like the All India Art Biennelle and the State LKA awards, he has had showings in Europe, Australia, and USA, to name a few.

Shahid Parvez creates immersive paintings suffused with floral imagery and offers an interesting perspective on relationship between man and animal life, coexisting with each other. Often working in a palette of reds, blues, pinks, and mauves, he fashions all over compositions that seem to spill beyond the boundaries of his canvases, in the atypical Impressionist style.

With their child art-like look and kaleidoscopic colours, his detailed renderings make multi dimensional narratives evocative of Indian folk art and miniature traditions with a contemporary feel and content. Humour is integral to his spontaneous and surreal creations that feature floral motifs and vibrant characters in incongruous juxtapositions.

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