Gow Krida Pichwai

Mysticism in the form of intricately hand painted artwork - TheHouseOfThings presents a collection of beautiful pichvais by the local artists of Nathdwara, Udaipur. A tradition dating back to the16th century, pichvais or textile hangings were founded by Sri Vallabhacharya of the Pushti Marg sect, as part of elaborate rituals of temple decoration. Pictorial illustrations on fine silk and cotton, these paintings depict scenes, seasons, and events from Lord Krishna?? life, sometimes portrayed as His manifestation, Shrinathji.?
With a focus on detail and miniature work, a pichvais can take several months to create, just like this stunning painting, depicting a beautiful symmetry of Nandis, or cows, which were herded by Lord Krishna. Radiant pink lotuses adorn the pond below signifying the season of summer.

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