The Krishna Urn is a a beautiful  artwork that is done in the classic religious art style of the artist. The humble Indian bharany has been worked on by the artist using oils with 24 carat gold leaf detailing and transforming it to a masterpiece.  Painted directly onto the urn, this piece emphasises the ideal behind the human lineaments.

The doe-eyed Krishnas face shows a sweet childish gracefulness and his crown has three peacock feathers on top. His flute, an intrinsic part of him, is held lovingly in his beautiful hands and reminds us of the surrender that Indian philosophy talks about. The trees, flowers, and ornaments that adorn the young Krishna and his glorious curly hair are painstakingly detailed in the tradition of Christian iconography. Representing divinity in symbolic form,  this stunning piece of art puts the observer in communication with the divine and induces a deep spiritual contemplation. 

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