A part of the Palazzo Collection designed by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti, Governo is a stack of porcelain tableware inspired by Renaissance architecture. Both stackable and compact, this modular set is table classic architecture and disassembles into six soup dishes. The full collection includes plates, soup dishes, bowls and serving dishes, all decorated on both sides with its own visual perspective. The roof lid is interesting, not only does it serve as a cover when inverted, but can also be used as a soup tureen. Seletti’s logic is dual purpose and ironical at the same time, making this highly interesting serveware.

About the Designer:

Alessandro Zambelli lives and works in Mantua, Italy. He studied Industrial Design and Material Engineering at the Cova School of Design in Milan. In 2003, he founded Alessandro Zambelli Design Studio. In 2006, he worked on the Estetico Quotidiano Project, marking the start of his collaboration with the design house of Seletti.

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