Shrinathji in Van Vihar Pichwai

An art form that originated about 400 years ago in the holy town of Nathdwara, Pichvais is an intricate style of painting that depicts tales from Lord Krishna’s life. The name “pichvais” derives from the words, ‘pich’ meaning back and ‘vai’, meaning wall hanging; these were created by the members of the Pushti Marg sect in the 16th century. In veneration of Lord Krishna and used as adornment in temples, pichwais weave an untold magic of the Lord’s life with pleasing colours and beautifully depicted serene expressions, or ‘bhav’.

Distinct by the divinity radiating from the deity’s face, this painting shows Shrinathji sombrely playing his flute, flanked by gopinis, or maidens, in a forest teeming with foliage under a starry, full moon sky. Peacocks and birds thrive in the vicinity, while angels bless the scene from above.

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