This beautiful painting is the artists representation of the saint, Shirdi Sai Baba in the same style as icons painted on wood that were the principal objects of religious devotion in the last centuries of Byzantium.  This painting shows the Saint with angels around him, worshipping and looking up to him. His calm face shines with a brilliance that has been captured by the artist, which is evocative of his personal connection, of his being almost one with his painting.

The intricate details found on the Saint, and the angels celebrates the unfettered style, skill and quality of detail that the artist has executed with extreme precision. A strong sense of Indian colours, ethereal opulence and a strong third or spiritual dimension is clearly seen in this piece. The Saint seems to be beckoning the observer, promising a deep, spiritual connection. In this painting it is easy to understand that the artist is as much a theologian as he is an artist, as space and time dont seem significant. The balance is in what is known through the senses and that which is experienced through the emotions. 

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