No other subject has been more depicted in the tradition of Christian religious art than the Virgin Mother. This painting is inspired  by the virtues of the Virgin Mother.  The artist places emphasis on the mystical, eternal qualities and uses an inverse perspective placing the most important figure in the composition, Virgin Mother, in the centre with the young girls looking up to her. A stunning painting, this gem is a unique blend of an ancient art form in a contemporary setting,

Mary is shown wearing a veil typical of the Jewish women of the period, a fact both historical and symbolic of her humility and piety. The veil is red, the colour of  divinity, while her clothes are the colour of humanity. There is an immense tenderness in her gaze and the way she holds the baby Jesus. The painting has a delicate balance between what is known through the senses and what is known through the emotions, a style that is distinctive  of the artist. 

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