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Image: Jaipur Series - VII’, The Edit, at The House Of Things

The internet age has brought in a horde of art retailers to the massive online art market, making it seemingly convenient to a wide range of shoppers- including millennials scouting for their perfect art piece. Art is evolving from being a physical entity to a digital-first experience. People are getting more comfortable buying art online. They are able to discover affordable options and emerging artists from the comforts of their home, without the occasionally ‘intimidating’ setting of a gallery. Social Media is at its best in connecting avid shoppers with artists directly, along with curated galleries that allow you to browse thousands of pieces. You see an art piece online. You love it, but how do you buy it online? Although the choices are endless, our curatorial team’s demystifying tips on buying art online will help you get there.


Image: “Over the Clouds” by The Edit, at The House Of Things

It is best to think ahead about why you are looking for a specific artwork. Whether you’re looking to display it in your home or building a collection, or just buying it as an investment? It is crucial to define the intent behind your purchase. Specifications like price, size, and theme of the artwork are largely dependent on this major first decision before taking the plunge.


Image: ‘Black and Green’ by Vernika Singh, at The House Of Things

Buying art is therapeutic. Buy art that moves you, speaks to the core of your personality, and that which you will never get tired of seeing every day.

Image: ‘Sukoon’, by Studio Func, at The House Of Things

Setting a collecting goal, like buying one piece of art every year is perfect if you're aspiring to be a collector. The option of online art retailers is perfect for discovering emerging artists. Buyers have the option of filters that lets them search within their preferred price range alongside parameters pertaining to the visual appeal of the artwork.


Image: “Rattling the Bones”, by Marc Standing, at The House Of Things

Before buying an artwork, it’s important to study its characteristics. At The House Of Things, we provide all relevant information regarding an artwork- size, medium, technique, as well as a product story. While most paintings are unique or made to order, photographs and prints may exist in copies. It is more favourable to buy prints to start building a collection.


Image: “Rajabhog Swaroop”, by The Edit, at The House Of Things

Browse pieces and read all the information about the artworks. Take the time to educate yourself about the artist and their style before making an investment. There are no rules here except the one question: “What do I want to see every day?” At The House Of Things, you can always click on the “Request more info” button to receive more information about a particular piece or get in touch with our dedicated Concierge expert over call or email. Our “Makers” page is arranged in alphabetical order for easy browsing. On each artist profile, you will find a concise bio, as well as the works available by them, visually arranged for user-friendly navigation.


Image: “Bucolic Wall Jewellery”, Michael Cailloux, at The House Of Things

Do not park all your funds in emerging artists; it’s important to have a mix. What is considered fashionable at a given time by the biggest art patrons may not be considered ‘cool’ a few years later? Bend the rules; try different things.


Image:’Flute Player’, Serigraph by Haku Shah,by Archer Art Gallery, at The House Of Things

Shipping charges vary basis the duties and taxes chargeable for different locations. If you want to save on massive shipping costs, consider buying just the work and having it framed yourself. Now that you're equipped with all the information, you know that buying art online is no mean feat but totally doable. So what are you waiting for? Your personal art collection awaits!

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