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A rug is one of the best finishing touches you can invest in for your interiors. Rugs have long been a signifier of luxury, offering warmth and underfoot comfort as well as texture and pattern. A well-placed rug can be used to divide spaces, define a mood, or simply showcase the art of tapestry across your floors. Here are some ways you can overhaul your interiors using this statement accessory.

Layer a contrasting rug over an existing carpet to infuse texture and warmth. A smaller rug over a bigger one or a printed rug over a solid-coloured one would be ideal. But be wary of layering too many “warring” patterns in a room; the key is to complement the palette of the room.

Use a rug as a focal point in a room. Pick a colour from the rug and reflect it throughout - in furnishings, art, or décor objects. It’s easier to nip choices in a room to complement the rug, rather than the other way around.

Use a patterned or animal skin rug as a wall hanging for a ski-lodge effect. Or drape over a plush sofa for a luxe yet romantic feel.

Opt for a large rug with a soft feel underfoot to place under your bed to completely change the look of your bedroom spaces.

Rugs aren’t just for winter. Opt for a summer-appropriate soft update in calming hues, geometric pattern, or lighter texture to make your scheme work for the current season and beyond.

In larger rooms, use an understated design with a border to ground the space together. Let the way you arrange your furniture dictate the shape of your rug – the assumption that a rug has to be a rectangle may keep you from experimenting with a wide array of choices available.