A philanthropist of wearable and culinary art, Tahir Sultan has had a vivid lineage with feet submerged in Indian and Kuwaiti cultures that have shaped his unconventional explorations on deconstruction and experimentation. The collaborative synergies of different traditions and cultures cede him to constantly push the envelope. His creative olio of mixed and matched elements encapsulate the traditional details and manipulate the preordained notions- both on runways and suppers.

Over a tête-à-tête with The House Of Things, we caught up with Tahir as he took us through his  top picks for a stunning table, favourite recipes, and style tips for the festive season.

If you could pick only 3 spices, what would they be?

 I can’t. But salt pepper and chilies are a vital part of my diet.

What are your picks for a stunning table?

 A stunning table has to include elements of the hosts’ personality. Flowers, leaves, and candles. Beautiful dinner ware and exquisite or uber ethnic serving dishes. A stunning table varies and the scope for creativity is so broad one can’t define it. Different seasons afford us different things we can creatively manipulate to enhance the experience of the way a meal is set.

What are your favorite recipes?

There is a Chinese Duck with Nappa Cabbage, which I adore and it takes about 5 hours to cook. I love Peking Duck, seafood, dried prawns, this tangy lemon chicken I make, the list is really endless.

I love all kinds of cuisine.

What is your style tip for food and fashion, for the festive season?

 My style tip is to keep it real, use good quality produce and serve people food that you enjoy eating. Most people are looking for authenticity not to be impressed. Above all ensure the food is made with love. In terms of fashion I have no clue as we are amidst Covid-19. However, be mindful of what you buy, ensure that it’s ethically made, does not exploit people or damage the environment.