Noorein Kapoor is known for her bold use of colours and wedding textures and patterns to devise a wondrous aesthetic that transcends the ordinary.
This holiday season, the Mumbai-based interior designer offers her expert advice on instilling a warm vibe into your spaces.
Read on to discover the designer’s top picks and her holiday favourites from our collection.

The designer firmly believes that a well-appointed coffee table is the key element of your space, so much more than a functional unit. It offers an opportunity to express your personality. A focal point for any occasion, as your loved ones gather around for lasting conversations and timeless memories.

An easy way to style any furniture, is by following The Rule of Threes – which has been the designer’s styling mantra for years. Divide your elements into three primary units and carefully layer the tabletop with products that create a dialogue with the coffee table. A well-appointed coffee table is a synthesis of aesthetics and functionality. The designer’s personal choices which work for any occasion, are books, a vase, and a beautiful tray complemented with knick-knacks like candles, glasses, votives, or nut bowls.

For an eye-catching tablescape introduce elements of varying scale. An assortment of objects that gently interweave aesthetics & utlity. Start with a coffee table book, something that intrigues people to pick up. Stack from the largest to the smallest, and choose a beautiful-looking book for the top, to offset the setting.With your coffee table books as the base, add a few accent pieces, like a vase or a tray.
Designer notes -Do not to cover the entire surface of the table.

She carefully examines the table from multiple vantage points, tuning the nuances to craft a setting that is an extension of her contemporary minimalist ideology. A bright book cover, adds a pop of colour, while the Vase comes to life with fresh handpicked branches from the outdoors. The design sensation’s favourites are metallic accents, that breathe in sophistication & luxury into any setting.

Artful advice by Noorein Kapoor

The holiday season calls for a generous dose of celebrations, using her delightful taste Noorein Kapoor handpicks her favourites from our curation. Pieces that are a reflection of her classy, chic & elegant self.