Providing a much-needed escapism with its binge-able episodes, Netflix’s hit show, “Emily in Paris” proffers plenty of inspiration filled with love, fashion, and the impressive architecture and interior design seen in Paris as its lead, marketing executive and social media influencer, Emily Cooper fascinates the world with her inimitable world. While Emily’s apartment offers a swoon-worthy interior aesthetic, her office, “Savoir”, particularly embodies the immaculate and effortlessly chic Parisian interior style, fluidly mixing the old and the new.
At The House Of Things, we have been canoodling with this modernist European trend for a while now and have rounded up our key recommendations from our web gallery to fill your homes with a certain je ne sais quoi – inherent of the French, laissez-faire style.

French glamour is all about quality over quantity. Achieve the laidback, chic, Parisian style with an eclectic mix of old and new pieces, colour layered against neutrals, and contrasting textures. With high quality textures that stand the test of time like solid wood, natural marble and burnished brass, this look encapsulates classic furniture pieces, vintage accents, and modern finishes.

The Provence spells quintessential French country charm. Get inspired by the rustic beauty of a bohemian garret in the Côte d’Azur and go for the beauty of the distressed, rough-around-the-edges finish for an aesthetically blanched look – preserving French elegance while going for the rural charm.

Though it is tempting to go all-out Versailles-glam, the chic Parisian touch is perfectly achieved with understated feminine blush hues and relaxed, space-enhancers with a curved silhouette and easy ergonomics.

Channel your inner Camille and choose a mix of avant-garde art and timeless sculptures to achieve a well-cultivated French interior look. Choose a statement art piece and build the room around it to engender a chic yet considered look.

Lighting is the glitter when it comes to Parisian interiors. When you have large ceilings, panelled walls, statement art, and understated feminine touches, get instant refresh with sculptural brass or fabulous gold finished lighting for a timeless look.