Co-founder of A Design Co.
Co-founder of award-winning architectural firm A Design Co, and a true artist in her own right, Gowri Adappa is a practicing interior designer and architect specializing in residential, retail, and hospitality spaces. Rooted in Indian sensibilities with a contemporary touch, her distinct aesthetic renders a vintage, warm appeal to liveable luxury. For the design of this 8000 sq. ft. home in Chennai, Gowri elucidates indigenous arts and crafts by celebrating the nostalgic charm of the homeowners’ history as the soul of the space. Tour the airy and sublime home in our latest story.

From unexpected touches to vintage infusions and earth tones, this home is a modern twist through a traditional canvas.
Nestled in a private lane off the East Coast Road on a property along the Bay of Bengal, this serene home is laid out over two levels, with the social spaces below and the private spaces situated on the upper level. Capturing the flavour of Madras and the homeowners shared history and association with the city, the space exhibits inherent vintage touches and modern functionality.

The space has been accented with artefacts and art which highlights the home’s eclectic sensibilities.
The sprawling home houses generous openings to allow for the sea breeze to permeate throughout its sublime environs. The two levels are connected by a sunlit atrium that allows for ample natural light to filter through. The space has been accented with artefacts and art which highlights the home’s eclectic sensibilities. There was a conscious attempt during the curation of the space to highlight and promote contemporary Indian design.

The elegant combination of art, ergonomics, and nature coexist with a simple yet interesting narrative through a contemporary lens.
An aesthetic that expresses the lifestyle and diverse taste of its occupants, the interiors of the space are a perfect recipe to add a touch of whimsy with incongruous touches of nostalgia that start a conversation about the space. The elegant combination of art, ergonomics, and nature coexist with a simple yet interesting narrative.

The design palette for the home consists of wicker, wood, glass, and concrete with beautiful accents in terracotta.
Lauded for her approach to eccentric style – Gowri’s aesthetic is to design a space with wholesome, eclectic pieces, never sticking to any one style, and always a combination of modernity and simplicity, accentuated with a palette of finishes. From unexpected mixes of wicker and terracotta, wood and linen, to stoneware and concrete, the designer has laid bare the essence of the space bearing a conscious use of local materials and labour.
Each detail was carefully deliberate in its placement, building a journey through the home. In the entryway, a large artwork on canvas opens up to a light-filled living room, on the opposite wall, a staircase offset by a beatific console waiting to be admired for its hand-carved details. A step away from the wall, the wooden coffee table with an ornate sculpture of a horse adorning the tabletop – the centre point of the home – sets the artful tone of the home.

From classic upholstery used in the living room with vintage décor objects to terracotta pots adorning the sculptural console flanking the staircase, the fabric of the home is threaded together with pieces that inject character and an established sense of history.
By making use of a palette made entirely of natural materials – warm leather, rustic woven fabrics, and natural wood, the home has a rich, traditional flavour with an injection of necessary warmth added to it.

The bedrooms feature padded headboards, and rustic, panelled walls balancing the masculine with the intimate. Little pockets of softness dominate the space with strong linen home furnishings, rich marble and flawless wood.
Whether it is the artful tone of the home, or the uniqueness of its underlying design consciousness, it’s the layering in this home that truly sets it apart.