Taking an unconventional path, his journey towards becoming an artist has been a montage of different paths and people he embraced along the way. The self-taught artist credits his analytical brain for most of his creations, from working in a tech industry, studying pre-med, and possessing an Economics degree to back him up - he calls himself a little bit of everything.

Follow through, as we catch up on a tête-à-tête with the budding artist and discover what drives him to push boundaries to create thought-provoking designs that evoke curiosity and enhance imagination.

Tell us about your inspiration behind the collection.

I grew up getting inspired by abstract art, weaving stories between bold strokes and intuitive lines. I found meaning in Wassily Kandinsky’s art. Something about abstraction always drew me towards it - an object to focus on, a story to read. Finding my own definition of beauty.

The more layers I unfold, the more sense I derive out of it. From the visual aspect to the detailing, from the evolution of a line to a composition is what fuels my creativity.

Although India is now progressing rapidly, the country lacks tangible proof of this growth. I wanted to create something that connects with modern India, introduce it in my own fashion.

What is art to you? What do you look for while creating?

Art is a small but powerful word. It means different things to different people. To me, art is more about experience. The process of creating it, the story that lies beneath, the colours, the final outcome – each of these things acting in cohesion or as discrete elements, to author a narrative that’s distinctly individual to each being.

My relationship with art has always been two-way; it gives more than it takes. It instils meaning, emotions, fulfilment and intensifies the way of living. My art empowers me, inspires me, and I create in hope that it does the same to the people who engage with it.

My analytical brain thinks of art as a puzzle, decoding and unravelling until I create something that is meaningful to me. The process is simple - work on it till you get tired of it.

Tell us about your process. How did you develop the same?

I think of myself as an instigator. When I first hosted a wine and paint party for my friends, I did not know the new doorways it would open for me. An amateur gathering of grown-ups soon turned into an immersive evening to explore one’s artistic capabilities. And thereafter began an everyday ritual to add colour to my life.

I never went to an art school. These paintings translated into illustrations, which further developed into animation. And before I knew it, I was interacting with art in various mediums – from small canvas art to murals, mosaic, sculptures and much more. My process has been interlinked with my journey, discovering new things with every step.

Who is the one artist that inspires you the most?

My sources of inspiration are as diverse as my artistic language. Every era is celebrated for its individuality and I draw my learning from each of them. Kandinsky and Picasso from the Modernism period evoked in me a desire to create art that transcends cultural and physical boundaries. Being a street artist myself, Shepherd Ferry and Banksy played a great role in motivating me to create thought-provoking artwork.

Tell us about your upcoming Projects.

Currently, a lot of my art is in NYC in the forms of murals, stickers and paste ups. My latest venture, Dpac is a character; an alien visiting earth, traveling across various continents and making sense of the planet while taking its readers on a journey to rediscover their surroundings. I plan to introduce him as a protagonist for various socio-political issues and create art on the streets that is deep, impactful and infused with a hint of levity.