We’re rushing headlong into that time of the year again – party season, and we all know how planning the perfect soiree is a labour of love. Entertaining is an art, and you’re the artist. With the festive season upon us, we’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks from design experts to create the perfect entertaining canvas, that can just as easily apply to an afternoon tea or formal evening do.

Festive table styling tips by design stalwart

Nur Kaoukji

Creative Director of Jaipur-based lifestyle brand Ecru, Nur Kaoukji amalgamates her Lebanese roots and a passion for India into a classic tale.

No longer falling under the realm of formal events, the ‘tablescape’ has raised the bar to become a fundamental component of any get-together. For our Diwali Entertaining series, Nur brings in the festivities with these special touches from Ira Udaipur to create a memorable setting for you and your loved ones.


“The most important thing about setting a festive table is being generous with your spread.”


“Have a full table. Suffuse the table with platters and nut bowls filled with nibbles to start the meal with, replaced by main course dishes. Of course, it keeps the conversation flowing!”


“For an elegant table, build around the very timeless staple – candles. No table is complete without a cluster of candles and diyas when it comes to setting a festive feast.


“The ideal table has apt glassware for every kind of drink – be it water, wine, or cocktails. Set the table with vibrant glasses, interspersed with candlelight. They add lots of sparkle to a table, especially when reflecting beautiful light.”


“The most important aspect of a table is to offset it with flowers. It doesn’t always have to be a dramatic floral setup, you may just use petals of flowers like the rajnigandha or desi gulab to add freshness and colour to a festive table.”

Festive plating taken to the next level by plant-based chef Surabhi Sehgal.


When she’s not travelling the world or designing spaces and apparel, Surabhi Sehgal is based in Gurgaon painting on plates and pushing the design envelope to inspire creativity. Founder of @Supaintsonplates, Surabhi always had a strong passion for art and design. A strong believer of the adage, “you eat with your eyes” Surabhi believes food and art are universal languages that can make connecting over different spectrums as easy as pie!


For our Diwali series, Surabhi curates a conceptual dish perfect for festive soirees using Ira’s Pichola dinnerware – evoking the fable and fantasy of Udaipur. The dinnerware illustrates an immersive fairy tale – that of indolent leopard, rich gardens and regal palaces. Designed to be a vibrant ode to the delightful charms of Udaipur, the Pichola dinnerware is a treasure in every sense. Painting a vibrant picture that offsets the design of the plates with much flair, this beautiful plating by Surabhi is balanced, clean, thoughtful, and above all, rich in colour – perfect for the festive season.


The Mezze Platter is one of the most malleable snack trays and a popular way to start a meal in several countries, spanning cultures across Middle East, and beyond. A versatile party appetizer or a quick dinner-for-one, this deceptively simple dish can be easily bulked out into a hearty meal for a crowd. However you serve it, the most important thing about it is what it means: it is Arabic for sharing. The traditional Mezze board is meant to be shared and savoured with a selection of small bites that are each elemental in their taste.

This conceptual plating by @suapaintsonplates of the Mediterranean Mezze utilizes chickpea pomegranate salad, fresh olives, classic hummus, herb hummus, beetroot hummus, turmeric hummus, pickles, and fresh olives with herb falafel and lavash on the side. You may also serve it with triangles of warm pita.

A floral arrangement by artist

Karan Singh Parmar

that breathes drama and joy

Karan Singh Parmar, a Delhi-based florist and urban gardener started his career as an assistant designer to Sabyasachi. From being a fashion stylist to a successful event designer, Karan has come a long way in the design industry, and today his creations are a unique amalgam of varied experiences. What started informally as a hands-on site learning experience, soon transformed into a diligent career path after Karan learnt floral design from Nobleman School in Singapore.


Drawing inspiration from the alluring landscapes of the Mewar kingdom as witnessed in Rajasthani miniature art; Karan crafts this painterly flowerscape layered with subtle hues that utter the glory of the bygone era, using our statement piece The Leopard & The Lake Vase.

Steeped in marvellous and fascinating details, the piece is enveloped in an immersive tale of twin leopards within a habitat of palmettes, lotus & fluted vases. Translated from an extensively detailed iconography, it flaunts the nuances of craftsmanship and the splendour of the hand that last, enduring vestiges of true luxury.


The theatrical composition is a rich assortment of Alestromeria, Spider Chrysanthemum, Spider Orchid teamed with Pine leaves , Neem, Golden Rod & Bajra, all with a plethora of the bold wild grass. The arrangement extends beyond the vase, as Karan captures the essence of the untamed Mewari landscape, and authors a transfixing scene from his thoughtful and meticulous curation of blooms, stems & colours.

As they listen to the tales of the bard, laying amidst the cool breezes of the Pichola, wafting delicious odours from the myriad lotus flowers, their eyes travel with the herons to a copper landscape soaked in sunset, to which not even its own inspirations can form an equal. The spotted big cat of the Aravallis glides through the ancient mountain range, and the parrots take flight over the Jag Mandir. Painting a canvas of unmitigated magic. A reflection of timeless beauty. That is a way of life in Mewar.

Ira launches its premier home line – ‘The Leopard and the Lake’, celebrating India’s storied heritage of exquisite craftsmanship through all its objects. Techniques such as meenakari (enamelling), lost wax casting, stone carving allow us to witness the transformative potential of craft in service to beauty.