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Create Your Couch

Most good solutions are born out of a need to solve a personal problem, our story is no different.

Having spent a number of years furnishing high-end homes, we realized that while finding a good couch was challenging enough, customising it further was even more so. Thus began the journey of ‘Create your Couch'.

Through our partners, clients can tailor every specification - starting with dual fabric combinations, polish finishes, seat comfort levels, and even dimensions. All these customisations are based on a template of elegant designs and unique fabrics (from designers like Krsnaa Mehta). We encourage you to create beautiful custom pieces of furniture for your home that have a designer finish and uncompromising quality.

Our vision is to transform what is probably the most important piece of furniture in your house - the couch, from something that’s just functional into something that’s a reflection of who you are.

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