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Intiki - meaning home, in Telugu dialect, is a home decor label that brings design elements with a modern and clean aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the textures and tonality of India, the products appear luxurious yet hold reminiscence of the inspiration they hail from. Founded by art enthusiast Anchal Khosla, Intiki pays homage to India, personified through a mix of different materials, finishes and styles native to the homeland - an attempt to stay mindful of appealing to different people with varying aesthetics. All Intiki products are handmade in India where equal importance is rendered to the buyers and ‘makers’ - the artisans behind the products.

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Bloom Candle



Tranquil Tumblers White (set of 2)
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Serene Candles


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Zen Cup Set  (set of 2)
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Yang Bowl



Yin Bowl



Padma Tongs



Calm Platter



Bloom Bowl



Palki Bowl



Crescent Platter



Biks Bottle Opener